Wednesday, 13 August 2008

In the big smoke

So L and I were very lucky to have won a weekend stay at a 5 star luxury hotel in the centre of London.
My lovely brother in law and sister in law said they would look after the children so we could get away, and I am so glad we did. As much as you love your children, you can't beat having some peace and being able to do what you want without having to stop for nappy changes, arguments, dinner times and bottles.
And just when you think your starting to miss them, we get a knock on the door with a bottle of Champagne being sent to our room on the house!
Thats not to mention the Champagne afternoon tea with the most amazing cupcakes, cakes and sandwiches, oh and the out of this world breakfast.
Jealous yet?

This was the front of the hotel we stayed in.
It was just as amazing inside as it was outside.

L and I all glammed up.
Makes a change from house clothes covered in snot and puke.

Then the next day we were lucky to get a sudden change in weather and got lots of sun, so we headed down to Spitalfields Market. It was like heaven for me and I could have spent an age wandering round and buying lots of gorgeous stuff, but when you can hear your other half huffing and puffing behind you, its time to leave!

We were expecting a downpour but as the good weather continued we decided to ditch our tube cards and walk the scenic route back to the coach station. We didn't do too bad either. First we saw Leicester Square, followed by Trafalgar.

Here is Mr Nelson

We then grabbed some lunch, although I'm not telling you where. It may offend any foodies reading this ;)

Then continued down towards St James Park
Buckingham Palace from St James Park

The Mall

Then Buckingham Palace was our final stop

We had a great time and I would love to make it a yearly thing for me and L, especially if we get to stay in the same hotel.

I've been to London so many times before but when your young, you dont take the sights in properly and really appreciate your surroundings. Well I certainly didnt anyway.

Having grown up time rocks.

But once again, I have been brough back down to earth with an almighty bang. I didn't get chance to report last weeks disaster, but one of my dogs (I wont name names but he smells and looks like a Beagle) stole and ripped to shreds my kids swap gift.

It took me two full days to calm down properly and I think I can safely say that the said dog will not go anywhere near my stuff anymore. Grrrrrrrrrr. So this week I have to remake the swap gift which makes it late and make a start on Apryls Fairy tale swap. I already know what I'm making for that so I am organised a little bit.

So for now, I will go and do my bit of blog reading and catch up with everyone elses crafty goodness.



megan said...

wow - you lucky things and how glamorous you look !!

bad dog - bet he was very sorry though!

Hana Mi said...

Awww dont you look gorge me girly.

Sounds like you had a lovely time, Im really pleased it was. Isnt Spitalfields fab. I think I can guess the lunch! (has to be done sometimes shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone I said that)!!!!

and just look at this gorge blog too. Is this something you designed yourself?

oh and norty norty dog, I can feel the fumes of frustration!!!

MamaBlogger said...

what a lovely trip. i so agree that time away from the kids is essential for happy parenting. LOVE the new blog look, too!

Simply Stork said...

wow! what a blessed wonderful :o)


CalicoDaisy said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. The hotel and London sites look so great. -- Michele

Hells said...

Ooooh did you pay a visit to the 'golden arches'!!! (yum!! bad girl I am!!)
Looks like a lovely trip and you do look very glam. It's a real treat to get out of trackies and snot encrusted tops isn't it!!!
Glad you had a blast.

Suzanne Vaughan said...

How glam are you!!!