Friday, 15 August 2008

Kid swap pressie!

For the kid swap, I was paired up with Helen from Little Geckos.
Poor Helen had sent me some emails worrying about what to make for middle child and one even said that she didnt think it would be very good!

Well today the mystery package arrived.

Isnt it brilliant! The second E saw it, he started screaming "choo choo" and kept shoving it at mine and L's head making us go to sleep. Helen has hand stitched the lot of it and I cannot tell you how perfect and neat it is. It is just perfect. E had a nap after his lunch today and when I went in to wake him up, he had thrown his pillow on the floor and slept on his new cushion! There were even dribble marks on it and I class dribble marks as a sign of good sleep. Even now he is wandering around the room cuddling it! So thank you very very much Helen. You have made my little boy very happy today. I have yet to finish my swap gift but I am starting from scratch again.

I'll leave you with a picture of our Hydranger which I took yesterday. I just love the colour of it.


Hells said...

You bugger. That's made me cry.

Apryl said...

aww how lovely bless...

Chloe said...


silverpebble said...

Very sweet cushion - gorgeous! I know what you mmean about dribble marks and a good sleep - sometimes that applies to Mr P!

beautiful hydrangea - could almost be a fabric design.