Thursday, 24 January 2008

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

In this lovely old tin was a lovely stash............

of old buttons.
I've had a little rummage but due to a babysitting shift which left me with 4 children under 4 and a Pest control man looking for our Ratty visitor, I havent had alot of me time.
But now I have my two boys napping and my daughter at swimming with my lovely husband, I can relax a little.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Craft Injury!

I have done absolutely nothing these last few days.

Well I have a huuuuuge blister on the end of my index finger through all the sewing I have been doing.
It really hurts and I am not impressed.

However to cheer me up, I have a package of old buttons coming tomorrow.
My nan has a very old sewing box/stool. My cousins and I used to play with it for hours when we were children and now our children do.
But the tin of buttons are now mine all mine.

Mwah mwah mwaaaahhhhhh

Saturday, 19 January 2008

The last beads (sob sob)

I had a little sort through my jewellery stash and made a few pieces with what I had left.

Theres a Red Jade and Heart bracelet, an Aquamarine and Peridot bracelet, Garnet cabachon ring and 3 pairs of stud earrings. I normally sell my jewellery on Mumzmall but I haven't listed these items yet.

I have however taken the plunge and booked my first craft stall! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!
So now I have to get my backside into gear and get cracking.
I was originally thinking of selling jewellery and my fabric pieces but I'm not too sure now.
Oh and if anyone can tell me how I can alter where the photos go, I'd very much appreciate it. I click on centre, right or left when I upload and it still looks a mess!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Now I know why my husband calls me half a job

Its because I dont finish things off!!
The penny finally dropped.

I looked into my craft box and I have 4 things which I havent completed. Shameful.
But anyway, photographic evidence that I do actually do something.

Here are the little dolls, mini mee's, that I have been doing. Eventually they will be a set and have their own little sleeping bag, clothes and carry bags.
Theres pepe the pirate and a little lady who is currently nameless and soon to be mouthless because I don't like it.

Next theres some little hearts I've made for a friends daughter.
She has been quite unwell recently so this is just a little pressie for her. They have her initials on too. I know they love hearts, I just hope they love these ones.
I have done some bits of jewellery too but I'll put them on later. Baby calling!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Totally not craft related but look!!!

I couldn't not put a picture of this gorgeous little creature on here.

Its a little baby Aye Aye and has been born at Bristol Zoo this week.
He or she is only the second Aye Aye to be reared by humans and is an endangered species.
I think I might try and make a softie in its honour because its so beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New year, new blog!

2008 is finally here and so is a brand new sparkly blog.
My last one was a bit pants to say the least and it focused all on jewellery. This time I'll have a mish mash of everything that I get up to.

Just before my 3rd child Ethan arrived at the begining of December, my daughter must have taken a big blow to the head. The once car obsessed little girl decided that cars are rubbish, boys smell and that she wanted to be a princess or a fairy princess, she wasnt fussy.
So as a result I was bombarded with requests for fairies and dolls.
I then promptly took myself to the nearest fabric shop (well actually I sent my mum as I was a bit beach whale like) and made a teeny weeny little Steiner doll, with the inspiration coming from Sooz
That night the aptly named doll was born.

Since then I've gone a bit mad with making odd bits here and there and my poor jewellery case is sat collecting dust. However I do plan to get back to that at some point.

So for now I shall just leave this post and links to some fantastic blogs. Some of which are fellow mums from the fab Mumsnet