Sunday, 28 September 2008

My swap offerings

I finally got my swap gifts sent out last week.
They were late going but I just felt like there was alot going on and I didn't get the chance to catch up with anything.
After lots of bouts of sickness, we discovered that M had a Urine infection. So we had to go through one lot of antibiotics only for them to have no effect, so we went back to the Dr's and she was given a different type, which thankfully worked.
So now M is back to normal. No complaints of poorly tummys, feeling sick, being sick and she's even found an appetite and eating like a horse! Very odd for M.

I digress.

Here we have my little pressie for the kiddie swap

I had all these big plans for this dolly. I had even started making some little things for her, but I realised that the little girl who was receiving it was only 3 and I am so wary of little ones putting little things in their little mouths, so I just didnt dare do anything too fussy. I know myself that M was an angel for things like that. She never put things in her mouth, ate things she shouldn't etc. Middle child on the other hand, is a totally different kettle of fish. All kids are different, so I had to be very careful.
But I have since had a report back from Helen (mum) and the gift was well received.


Next was the Fairy Tale swap. You saw my abundance of loveliness that I recieved last week (I am still shocked about it all!).

Here is what I sent my partner Alex.

(Apologies for the terrible photos)
Alex said her favourite fairy tales were The Frog Prince and Beauty and the Beast. I quite fancied making a frog and after a little googling, I found this tutorial from the Purl Bee. I then made a little lily pad for Mr frog to sit on.

I was very pleased with him and M has requested her very own.

Go and have a look at the tutorial. They are very easy to make and don't take long at all. I think they could be this seasons new Matroyoshka's as I've seen a few frogs cropping up on crafty blogland.

Alex seems pleased with him which is great. I should mention that Alex also has her own blog now. She's only just started it but do go and have a look. She is one talented lady.

Alexandra Mason.

I'm now very seriously cracking on with all the dolls for M's party, which is in less that 2 weeks now. Its all the cutting out thats taking so long. I hate that part so much. If a little imp would come in through the night and do all my cutting for me, it would make things ten times easier. But I don't think it will happen. I've cut out 6 and actually made one. Just 4 more to do, then making the wigs/hair and dresses.

Why did I think this was a good idea?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My new little present

I think I mentioned a while ago about having a ring custom made from a seller on Etsy, or maybe I didn't. Anyway, you know now.
I wanted something really personal and I decided that I would like the childrens birthstones on a band and their initials stamped on the side on the band, rather than inside.

Well this lovely lady called Jennie came to the rescue and said that she could make what I was wanting and not only that, she could source the stones fairly close to where she lived in the US.

This is it!
Each stone is the children's birth stones, Opal, Peridot and Turquoise. Then on the side.....

are the childrens initials.

Now you know where MEE comes from!

I absolutely love it to bits and its just what I wanted. I haven't taken it off since it arrived.

Jennie makes lovely jewellery and obviously she does custom orders. This is her shop on Etsy, Frivolous Ferret.

As for me and crafts, well I haven't produced very much, just some dolls for M's party which is in 2 weeks! Eeeeeek.

But I also have some very good news. Well for me anyway (that sounds really self centred doesn't it). I have won a competition to spend £1000 at this website, My Wardrobe!

I cannot tell you how giddy I was on Sunday when I found out. Theres so many shoes that I want. I'll be like a kid in a sweet shop!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

I am speechless........well not totally

Firstly Alex, if you are reading this, another mahooosive thank you to you.
For those of you thinking "what?" then I shall show you.

This is what greeted me this morning from the Postman!
L answered this door this morning and brought it through with a puzzled look on his face. The box was huge and it had FRAGILE written across the top, so he carried it very gently to me. L doesn't really know about what craft stuff I do and the swaps I am involved in so he was looking slightly bemused this am.

I got the kids ready as quickly as possible so I could open it up and this is what I saw

Look at it all!!!!!
I was so giddy and couldn't wait to open them all!

I never really stated what my favourite fairy tale was. There isn't really any to dislike is there. So Alex chose The Little Mermaid, and did she go to town with it!

First off there was this little bowl. It looks like theres waves in it doesnt it! I have emailed Alex after this morning to thank her and I asked what the bowl was made from. She said it was a mix of clay and other bits she throws in to give it a delicate finish. Then she puts it in the kiln and glazes it 3 or 4 times! Just think all the work that has gone into that.

Next was this.

Alex has used a box frame and made a gorgeous mermaid picture to go in it. Apologies for the poor picture but I just couldn't get the light right today. But as you'll probably see, there are some shells at the bottom and some very sweet hanging silver starfish, fish and shells. I'm going to put this up in M's room as shes very much into The Little Mermaid and even has her own figure in the bath! She's also been nagging me for weeks, probably months now to make her a mermaid fin. I have no idea where to start with that so if you hve any ideas, please let me know!

Anyway onto the next item...

A lovely notebook which has been decorated beautifully. I love the mermaid shape on it. Its very mystical, and the colours are lovely. Notebooks come in very handy with me!

Then this....

A very yummy wool scarf, which is so long , it almost goes down to my knees. And as for cosyness, well I think the next picture somes it up quite well

I'm not finished yet!!!!

Some crafty goodness, which when I opened the packet, was full of allsorts!

And then finally, if that wasn't enough....

Alex sent some books and stickers for the children. There was a sweet little colouring set that M ran off with and then begged to take to school but I had to make her leave it at home otherwise we wouldn't have seen it again.

So how lucky was I?!!! I feel very lucky and very overwhelmed by all these amazing gifts. They really are wonderful. Thank you.

I have told Alex that she must get herself a blog. Her talents spread far and wide I can tell you. There is nothing this woman cannot do!

I just hope you like your gifts Alex! I have taken photos this afternoon of them and I will put them on here as soon as they are recieved. Along with my kid swap gift which very very late!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

2 little gifts

A few weeks ago I was lucky to have been chosen for a giveaway from Margy at Hmm Designs.
I was a bit gobsmacked at the time as Margy had just give birth to her third son, who is absolutely adorable, and I thought, how does she have the time! I always check in on her blog and she is constantly rolling out great handmade crafty goodness.
So on Thursday we had a knock at the door from the postman and I got all excited when I saw the dutch packet.

And this is what was inside

How sweet is she!
Margy said that its a wee wonderfuls design and it is pretty wee and wonderful.

It couldn't have come at a better time too. Poor M has had a couple of bouts of sickness since last week. She was sent home from school on Friday after puking in PE, poor lamb. She spent the day feeling a bit grim but then perked up at bedtime. Then we had a repeat performance in the early hours of Wednesday morning! So school policy being what it is, she had to take 2 days off from school. Only a week and a half into school and already she has a glistening attendance record!

I digress, so the little Butterfly cheered her up no end and it hasn't left her side since.

Thank you very much Margy.

The second little gift is my little creation for Apryl's Fairy Tale swap. I was teamed up with a lady called Alex. She doesn't have a blog and for me that's made it all the more exciting. I haven't been able to see what she does or get any ideas to what she really likes. Alex did state at the start that her favourite fairy tales are The Frog Prince and Beauty and the Beast.

Oooh I wonder what it could be............?

All will be revealed next week!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

First day!

The day finally came.
The day that my first born, the little teeny tiny baby girl that I was holding what only seemed like yesterday, the day she starts her adventure at school and the day I make a complete fool of myself.

She was very excited about it all. Especially about her new school shoes. She takes just after her mother.
See, look at the shiny shoes. I would have given up my sweets for them when I was little.

She then got carried away with all the photos and got a bit too excited.

We got to the playground and the excitement was still there. Then finally the headmaster blew his whistle to let the children know to get in their lines ready to go in.

I stood in the line with her, as did all the other mums. M wanted to give her teacher her dinner money envelope but then when she finally approached her, she became a bit starstruck and stopped. The teacher ushered her in and all was well.

Well with M anyway. I lost it. I saw a little boy who didn't want to go in and was upsetting his mum. That just did it for me. I tried my best to keep it back as other parents were acknowledging us leaving the playground. As we got onto the road I said to L, "I think I'm going to have a little cry whe whe whe waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Cue sobs of uncontrollable tears and an embarrased husband.

I am really going to have to learn to get my hard hat on with this parenting lark. I am not cut out for this kind of thing at all. Happy, fun things I can do emotional bits I cannot. I dread to think what I'll be like when they all move out.

I hope all of you whose little ones started school this week have had a good experience and that they enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back to some craftiness

It seems a long time since I have actually done some sewing and yet I feel like I have alot to do.
Firstly I need to complete my kid swap gift again and make a start on the fairy tale swap. The kid swap is almost done, it just needs a few finishing touches and I know exactly what I'm doing for the fairy tale swap. In fact I'm quite looking forward to making that one.
So here is a sneaky peek at the kid swap gift

And here is my new stash of fabrics that I bought from an Etsy shop called Freshly Squeezed Fabrics. Its a great shop and very good prices too.

I had to really sit on my hands looking through that shop. There was so much I wanted but in the end I went for this lot.

I've got plans for some of it already.

After I've completed the swaps, which really needs to be for the end of this week, I'm making a start on a batch of dolls. M has decided she would like a princess party (try and define what that means!) and wants to make dolls. Ok I say, that can be done.

Eeeeeeek! Luckily she only wants girls there and luckily there are only 8 girls in her new class at school so not that many dolls. So the plan is to do a party a'la Prairie Mouse.

I emailed the lovely Louise to get some tips from her and she very kindly sent me a pattern to cut out to make the dresses for the dolls. I want to keep it as simple as possible, otherwise I think I'll be pulling my hair out even before the party starts! I've also taken it upon myself to make my own invites. Glutten for punishment I am!

I've got a good long list of christmas presents that I want to make too. I'm going to have to make a start on them now otherwise I just wont get them done. It was only at the begining of the year that I said I would stock up an Etsy shop for April.

What month is it now?!!!

Tomorrow is M's very first day at "big" school. I actually feel quite sick at the thought of it now. Weird because I was saying how much I am looking forward to her going for such a long time and now I'm not so sure. Plus middle child starts pre-school on Monday too! Only monday mornings, but still.

No more lazy days and going out when we feel like it. It will be up early and to school for 9am Monday to Friday everyweek.

I wonder if it will turn me into a super organised mum or just an even more disorganised mum.

The latter me thinks.