Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not much going on here

So the summer holidays have descended on us.
What joy.
I predict that I shall be bald by the end of August through tearing my hair out
The weather is on and off and just cant make its mind up which doesnt help matters. You get your shorts and tshirts on ready to go out and then just as your walking out the door a grey cloud appears and you go back in for your wellies and mac.
Thats Great British weather for you I guess.

So because of the holidays I have got just about nothing done craft wise. All I have done is a couple of little bits for the kids swap but the main parts need doing more importantly. Last night I started to make a Japenese Knot bag as a present for my Auntie. Leah from Sewtobed sent me a link to the bag at Show me your workings.
I did completely bodge it up by ignoring one crucial part of the instructions. This has led me to unpicking all the stitching and starting again.
But that aside, it is a lovely lovely bag and a quick project to knock together.Tonight I plan to finish it off and make another with some different fabric. I think they'll make good christmas gifts too.

We met this little cutie last week on a trip to Scarborough. L and I have fond memories of there and we spent alot of days there together pre children. Alot of it still has its cheesy amusements, (arcades for the US readers) with the old ladies doing the bingo and children flocking around the grabber machines screaming at their parents wildly to win them a toy, but all that aside it has its lovely points like the Spa, the beautiful buildings, the castle remains, lovely beach and some nice little shops in the town.

I apologise if there is a huge blank space above this but there should be a picture of the Spa. At the moment I cannot see it but it wont let me take it off!

After Scarborough we took a detour to see my parents. I hadn't seen them for a month as they had a 2 week holiday and my mum is too unwell to come and visit. I think shes on the verge of being diagnosed with Rhuemtoid Arthritus so she's in alot of pain.
But we wanted to visit because they have a new kitten.

Misty was quite shy and shes still getting used to living with my mum and dad, so having 2 new adults and 3 very loud small children would have scared the hell out of her (they're enough to scare the hell out of me sometimes). She spent the majority of our visit under some drawers.

I bet your thinking shes a funny looking Cat arent you? Well she's a Devonshire Rex. My parents had another Devon Rex called Willow. They got her from the RSPCA. She was very badly treated in her old home and as a result, was a very very timid cat. She never left the house, wouldnt be picked up and hid under blankets all day. But she trusted my parents 100% and had a lovely life with them.

Sadly she died back in April. But because of her nature and the fact that she was such a lovely cat my parents wanted another and were lucky to find an excellent breeder in the same county. And finally they have another.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. I must get on with housework so I have craft time tonight!

Have a great day and good luck to fellow school holidayers!

Sunday, 20 July 2008


I have managed to make an item of clothing for a doll!

Ahhhhh the wonders of elastic.
Its not perfect by any means. Making an A line skirt on the bias with elastic maybe wasnt the best option to go for but I know where I have gone wrong so I can perfect it next time. But otherwise I am tres happy.

I thought I'd picture the doll with my just about to flower Hydranger. Its nice to see some colour in our little courtyard now. I have some fab pink lillies which every year seem to double, but this year they came out very quickly and were quite pale in colour. So I was a bit disappointed. My mother in law has had the same problem with hers too. Could it be some weirdy climate thing?

My Lavender on the other hand has done very well.

Its been completely attacked by hoards of Bees. I'd love to taste some of the honey they have made with it.

I've also signed up for another swap. Its being organised by Apryl at Meridian Ariel. You have till the end of August to get it done so theres plenty of time if your busy. The only thing is that you have to mention your favourite Fairy tale. I couldnt think of one. I dont think I ever had a favourite as a child.

Whats your favourite fairy tale?

Sunday, 13 July 2008

She didn't turn out that bad

I re-stuffed her and I think that was the problem.
Far too much stuffing in there which was making her bulge all over.
I'm quite pleased with her actually. She turned out as I pictured her in my head (which makes a change!) and because shes only a small doll, it doesn't take all that long to make.
Plus I actually managed to make a dress!!!
I am not known for my dress making skills to say the least, even though the time I did spend at Fashion collage was all focused on sewing and dress making, but although the dress is simple, its a dress and it actually looks like one too!
I've got myself some elastic and I plan to experiment with expandable waist bands next.
Oh the excitement in this house. Its just unbearable at times.
Yesterday I had a big clear out of all my craft stuff and there are things that I need to get rid of to make some room.
So tomorrow I'm going to list some items that I want to sell. Theres a few pieces of jewellery, 3 bracelets, 2 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings and 4 rings and then there are quite a few pairs of knitted slippers for babies and children.
I'm only going to sell them at cost price so there will be bargains to be had.
Come back and have a look tomorrow. Get yourself some early christmas presents ;)

Friday, 11 July 2008

Russian Doll swap gift and a WIP

Ok Claire, if you are reading, look away now otherwise it will spoil your suprise!
I posted the swap gift today so Royal Mail efficiency permitting, it should arrive tomorrow anyway.

Sooooo here they are!and if your wondering why Master russian doll is looking a bit mischievous..........

Heres why. The cheeky monkey stole the last lollipop!
I really enjoyed making these. I plan to do more when I stop signing up for swaps and I do actually have time.

Next is my WIP.
I had planned to get this all perfected by today as I wanted to get one made for one of M's friends birthdays, but its prooving to be a little awkward to say the least.

The seams in certain places all crinkle up when its sewn together and I cant figure out why, which is most annoying.
I have made two last night, the second being slightly different to try and eliminate the crinkles but noooooooo its still not playing.

I have till lunchtime to get it cracked and I do have to do it because I have no present to give otherwise.
Why is it the things that you think will be easy, quick and simple, always turn out to be long, difficult and down right awkward?

But on a little good note, well it is for me anyway, here is the young un (as L calls him) yesterday.

Its a big hurrah from me as he is actually enjoying eating.
Middle child suffered with horrendous reflux for a long time and basically didnt start weaning until he was almost 1. So its only now he's nearly 2 that he's starting to put some weight on and look like his age. We get alot of people asking if young un and middle child are the same age!
Errr no actually theres 15 months between them.
Right, I must go and figure this bloomin doll out!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Ooooh oooh ooooh, my russian doll swap pressie is here!!!

Giddy giddy giddy!
I got up this morning and I have to say I'm not feeling too good. I feel a bit drunk and really off balance. But I sorted the kids out with breakfast and stuck the laptop on, went into my email and there was a message from Claire at Payne Design to say that she had posted my swap gift.
Half an hour later I got a little package through the door

I didn't want to open it, it was wrapped so nicely.

But I'm not that restrained.

Look at all this!!!!
And how blinkin fab are they!
For the record, I know they are hand puppets but they are all MINE!
I have agreed to supervised play for short amounts of time but that is all.
They are now hidden in the bag that Sara made and sent me last week.
I may let the russian dolly brooch perch on one of M's jackets but we'll have to see about that one.
I'm not going to give loads away but my swap gift has a few similarties to Claires.
Children and odd weird drunkeness permitting, hopefully I will have it finished and posted by Friday.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Partners have been chosen!

So I was majorly lazy and I used a random number thing again.
But the pairs are done now so I hope your ready!
so we have the first loving couple
Leah at Sewtobed and Katy from I'magingermonkey
Margy from Hmm designs and Nita at Neet designs
Suzanne at Chickadee cards and Kath from Juicyfig
Myself and Helen at Little Geckos
Apryl from Meridian Ariel and Cassandra at Snailblazer (what a cool name)
and finally
Jennie who doesnt have a blog but a lovely little Etsy shop called Frivolous Ferret (try saying that after a drink or two) and Anna from Sew What
So there you have it.
I really truly am looking forward to this one.
When you recieve your swap gifts, if you could take photos of the recipient opening their present, that would be fab.
Hopefully we'll have a group of happy kids at the end of it.
I do know that some of you have listed more than one child but what I thought is that once this swap has finished, we could do it again but for other siblings so that no one is missing out and swap partners too.
Let me know what you think.
Anyway, I'm off to email you all now.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Just one day left for sign ups

Tomorrow I will be drawing names for the kiddio swap.
It will probably be afternoon when I do it, so if you would like to join please send me your details, name address, blog and your childs details, likes and dislikes, age, name if you want to. Email all that to meecrafts at googlemail dot com.
Keep an eye on your emails tomorrow afternoon and I will also post on here.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

I think this was the best part of our very miniture mini break.
All I will say is that I wont be going to a Pontins ever again in my lifetime!

But I will say that Southport is a very lovely place and such a shame that they inflicted such a bad bad place on them.

I did however have a lovely suprise waiting by the door when we got back.

My lovely doll from Sara for the doll swap.
She came with a gorgeous little mini quilt, some dark purple vintage buttons, a lovely little bag which is what they're all laid on and a toadstool brooch. I also got a couple of postcards, one of Chatsworth house and another of a pink VW Camper, oh and a badge!
How lucky was I!
Well I thought I was until M grabbed the lot and ran up to her bedroom.
I had to grab what I could to take a photo before it was too late.
I tried to hide the doll but we ended up with screaming ab dabs at bedtime because she wanted the "new doll".
I was going to give her the brooch aswell but since she has taken my toadstools and now the doll, the brooch is all mine!
And I've definately decided that middle child will be the recipient for the kid swap.
This weekend I just need to finish off one more doll and I can post out the two commissions, then I need to finish the russian doll swap and hopefully make another birthday present for a little girl at M's school.
Oh and then it will be the kid swap.
I may breath after that.
Have a good weekend.