Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More love

So along with the fabby merrylegs, I decided to make some little hearts for my friends daughter and put her initials on them.

They didnt take long to make really and it was just a little extra something for her. I really should make some for M.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

A little torment

Here's a sneaky peek at the doll for the swap.
She needs some finishing touches but she's almost done.

Don't mind me

I'm just having a play with blogger at the minute so things will look a bit different.
I cant make my mind up how I like things and what colours look good but I'm getting there.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Merry merry merrylegs

My friend who I've come to know through my husband, had her first baby last week.
A little girl called Katy.
So rather than go for the usual set of clothes or a traditional teddy, I decided to opt for a Merrylegs made by another Katy from I'magingermonkey.
And here she is

Isnt she fab!

Katy also popped in a little pressie for myself

This gorgeous brooch which is going to look fab with some of my holiday outfits.
I have to admit that I have a bit of a thing for Corsages. Big Corsages that is. I think it came from watching too much Sex and The City.
Hopefully I will have some pictures of things I have done soon.
I want to make a start on the doll for the swap today if I can. I have all my templates cut out, designs all on paper and my ideas firmly in my head. I get a bit nervous starting on something new. I think I have everything in place ready to go and then I usually forget something crucial and it buggers up the whole thing.
Fingers crossed this time I will have covered everything.
Keep your eyes peeled and I'll post sneeky peeks of the WIP.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

And the swapees are.....................

I used this hat because my swap picker was still in bed!
So I had to improvise a little bit.
Anyway the swap partners are as follows, in no particular order;
Sara from AllaboutEden and Me!
Michele from Calico Daisy and Jacqui from Vintage KittyKat
Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey and Lindsey from Ethel and Ednas Tearoom
Margy from Hmm Designs and Jill from Miaou
Kath from Juicy Fig and Megan from Maximum Rabbit designs
Camilla from MadebyMilla and Leah from Sewtobed
and last but by no means least
Emily at Ravenhill and Annie from Overmilkwood

I have emailed you all anyway with your swap partners details and from today we have a month to complete and post them out. Obviously there will be issues with posting as some of you are not in the UK. Just keep in touch with your partner and let them know whats happening if your delayed or even if you finish in the next few days ;)
Could I also ask that you all take photos of your finished pieces and send them to me so that I can blog them please.

So I hope this is all ok. Any problems you have, please just get in touch.
Happy doll making

Friday, 18 April 2008

Doll Swap update number 2!

Okey doke
Theres just one day left to sign up. Well truth be told, you have up until Sunday lunchtime and thats when I'll get everyones details together and I plan on using the very complicated way of determining partners via a bowl, names on a hat and a daughter.

Theres been a great response so far, well about 14 people but thats great considering this is my first swap that I've organised.
Thank you everyone for posting about it on your blogs as it seems to have reached alot of people.

So watch this space!
I will email you all with your partners but I will also post on here too.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Doll swap

What an exciting title.

Basically I just want to get this known to as many people as possible to make it a really successful swap.
Give it a mention on your own blog and hopefully someone else may pick up on it.
I always wonder how many other craft blogs are out there that I havent read or seen before.

There are 6 people participating already and even now there is such a variety in designs and styles.
If you would like to join email me on meecrafts at googlemail dot com with your address and also favourite likes dislikes such as colours etc and also your address so that this can be passed on to your swap partner.
The closing date for this is Saturday and hopefully I will send out everyones swap partners details by Sunday evening, children permitting that is.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

To a little Cupcake, with love xxx

To Hana, for your beautiful Cupcake.
I hope you like it.

Friday, 11 April 2008

My first swap!!

Ooooh how exciting!
I absolutely love looking at other peoples craft blogs.
Its amazing what people achieve with their crafts and seeing their fascinating designs.
But just recently I have been in awe of peoples doll making skills from Prairie Mouse to Miaou's little Arigumi dolls (spelling check!) and from The Black Apple to I'maGingerMonkey.
And thats not all. I've seen loads of different dolls and they are all fantastic. So I thought my first swap could be......... wait for it............

dolls! Now obviously I haven't had my blog all that long so I guess that the amount of people who will know about it will be limited, so if you fancy it spread the word!
What I am thinking is giving it a week from tomorrow for people to sign up so the last day will be Saturday 19th April.
If you email me on meecrafts at googlemail dot com with your details and I will sort through them all, stick names in a hat and hopefully let you all know your swap partners by the Sunday evening.
I think if we stick to a £5 budget or if any of our overseas friends from the US are joining us that will be about $10 to you, but obviously if you want to spend more thats entirely up to you.

Ok I think thats covered everything. I cant wait to get started.
I hope you join in!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Craft fair. Or was it????

Oh well, another lesson learnt in the rollercoaster that is life.
Money means more.

The craft fair was a bit of a disaster. I didnt even cover half of the cost of the table but if I am totally honest that side of it doesnt really bother me.
It was my very first fair and really I am only at the start of my craft venture.

The fair itself was pleasant, the people that came in were lovely an I talked to some lovely lovely people. In particular one lady who bought a doll for her gorgeous little baby girl and had the most fantastic pushchair (it had an ipod docking station and speakers in the hood, swoooooooooon) but I digress, I dont think it could have been called an arts and crafts fair at all.

There were 4 exhibitors includng myself selling handmade items which to me is what a fair is about. Its showing and selling your art or craft.
The rest of the exhibitors were selling shop bought or mass produced items. I do have to let off the lady who was next to me though because she bought vases and fake flowers and made the most gorgeous displays so really she did have an art, plus she was very funny.

As you walked in, you were met by a 12ft table all covered in jewellery. I find out later that it is in actual fact a franchise of mass produced jewellery.
The other lady next to me was selling all her handmade jewellery and she was bloomin well good at it.
I sat and watched her make some bracelets and the time and thought that was put into them was amazing but did she do well?
Err no not really. I think I heard her say she covered her table cost and that was it.
How are arts and crafts people ever supposed to continue to do fairs if they have to put up with that?

Anyway I have expressed my point of view to the gentleman that actually runs these fairs. Whether or not its taken on board is another thing but there you go.

However my lovely friend who helped me out yesterday has informed me that there is a proper arts and crafts fair every fortnight or so in her village.
A real fair with old ladies selling cakes and buns, kids running riot and husbands being dragged around.
Thats the kind of fair I need and want to be at.
Even if I dont make anything its nice just for people to look sometimes and comment on what you do.

Anyway rant over.
I'm now debating whether to list what I have left on Etsy or hang on for another fair.
Decisions decisions...........

Monday, 7 April 2008

They're back!

After a week in Alpendorf, Austria, they're back!
This was the first skiing holiday for M and she absolutely loved it. She has come back with a shiny medal, a certificate and a big big smile on her face.

Maybe next year I'll be able to get my snowboard gear back on.

But while they were away I got some bits done.
Here are some hanging decorations.

I'm going to get some more done today and tomorrow ready for the fair on Wednesday (gulp!).
And another doll who needs a name

This craft fair has taught me quite alot and I havent even done it yet.
I'm so so disorganised and unprepared. I have so much to do before Wednesday and I have no idea how I'm going to do it but it will be done!
Luckily my friend is helping me out as the fair is all day 9-5!
I think we'll have to treat ourselves to cream cakes!

However when it is out of the way I can concentrate on getting my Etsy shop up and running and I will also do a giveaway as promised.

Anyway wish me luck!

Oh and before I forget...........

This will be my new workstation soon!
I love it.
My dad found it in an antique shop and since they already have one which their friend converted to a garden table, its only fair I get one too.
So hubby will be attatching a lovely piece of wood to it for me and I'll have my own little space.
I just need a place for it to live........

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I've been tagged. A Meme...

Annie at Overmilkwood has tagged me for the Meme that seems to be doing the rounds on most blogs at the moment.

So here goes!

4 jobs I have had;
Sandwich maker - When I was 14 I used to work in a little unit near my dads design studio making sandwiches for a local company. They also had a little shop in the centre of York and I occasionaly worked in there too.
Its a suprisingly messy job!
Sales advisor - This was for a jewellers. I loved this job so much. All the pretty jewellery, meeting lovely people and working for a good firm.
Sadly there was alot of bullying going on in the shop I worked in and it got a bit too much.
Last but not least, Store Manager - This was for Clarks shoes. I started off as a Suprvisor and then jumped for a chance at my on store and got it. This was my last job before I had M.
Then my final job was an Escort and not that kind before you start thinking it!
Basically I worked with young people who were in care. It could be escorting them to court, transporting them from one secure unit to another, taking them on visits/appointments or even picking them up from a police station if they had been arrested.
Its a very sad job and you see and hear lots of horrid things. It can also be quite dangerous at times but luckily I worked with my father in law and my man at the time so I was well protected.
Think Dog the Bounty Hunter but with kids lol.

4 favourite films;
Yikes this is hard
When Harry Met Sally, don't all women love this?
3 Men and a Baby
All the Harry Potter films
And finally man and I love to watch Die Hard films when we're having a lazy day.

4 places I've been;
Jamaica - Gorgeous country, full of amazing people and very friendly locals who love music. We also went to Bob Marleys house which was a bit of an eye opener!
Caymen Islands - Again gorgeous place. It has the most unbeliveable clear waters and clean beaches.
Havana, Cuba - Amazing City, amazing architecture, amazing history. What more can I say.
Greece - Now I've been all over in Greece and I cant say one place is better than any other but I do love it there.

4 places I've lived;
This isnt as exciting as I havent gone anywhere out of Yorkshire.
I've lived in York, Wakefield, Barnsley and now Northallerton.

4 favourite tv shows;
Sex and The City (lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this show)
Absolutely Fabulous

4 favourite radio programs;
Now you can call me what you want but I'll be honest, I dont really listen to the radio.
Music I love listening to but it annoys me listening to people talking.
If I do listen to radio its always Radio 1.

4 favourite foods;
This is not easy. Theres so many!
I love a good chicken salad with good dressing and crunchy veg
Chocolate obviously
And I love dips espeially Tzasiki

4 places I'd rather be;
I've never been but New York at christmas
York, my home town
A lovely place near here called Osmotherly which has a lovely little stream that the children can play in and is surrounded by countryside.
My bed

Ok heres my 4.
I nominate Flossie Teacakes, Cupackes For Clara, Chickadee Cards and World of Whizzz