Thursday, 24 January 2008

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

In this lovely old tin was a lovely stash............

of old buttons.
I've had a little rummage but due to a babysitting shift which left me with 4 children under 4 and a Pest control man looking for our Ratty visitor, I havent had alot of me time.
But now I have my two boys napping and my daughter at swimming with my lovely husband, I can relax a little.


AnnieB said...

oooh - I am so envious (ponders what my life is lacking that a large tin of buttons can make me feel this way. Who cares?!) Have fun, you lucky, lucky thing!

Katy said...

Does it still smell like your granny's house? The one I got from my nan does - as soon as I opened the lid it made me feel about 5 again.

Chloe said...

Yes it does Katy!
A very comforting smell.