Thursday, 17 January 2008

Now I know why my husband calls me half a job

Its because I dont finish things off!!
The penny finally dropped.

I looked into my craft box and I have 4 things which I havent completed. Shameful.
But anyway, photographic evidence that I do actually do something.

Here are the little dolls, mini mee's, that I have been doing. Eventually they will be a set and have their own little sleeping bag, clothes and carry bags.
Theres pepe the pirate and a little lady who is currently nameless and soon to be mouthless because I don't like it.

Next theres some little hearts I've made for a friends daughter.
She has been quite unwell recently so this is just a little pressie for her. They have her initials on too. I know they love hearts, I just hope they love these ones.
I have done some bits of jewellery too but I'll put them on later. Baby calling!


Katy said...

they look lovely. I think the doll sets will go down well at the fair. I am also half a job, and have a whole cupboard full of things I will finsih (one day, before I die...possibly)

That aye-aye creature thing on your previous post is blooming marvellous - I want one as a pet!!!

AnnieB said...

looking forward to seeing the finished creatures - the halfway versions look great!