Saturday, 21 June 2008

I've got 2 little awards. Well they're big to me.

Arent I lucky!
They came from Hana at Hand of light and creation and Nosh of Love.
Hana has had what seems like a fabulous holiday in Cyprus with her gorgeous family and I am very jealous!
If you like good food then go and have a look at her Nosh of Love blog. She shares the blog with her husband and my god do they know there stuff when it comes to food.
Warning, if use a laptop, cover the keyboard up as you will dribble alot!

So thank you Hana.

I'm going to pass these on to all the Mumsnet Crafters.

Laurie at 23Beechill, Suzanne at Chickadee Cards, Adele at Dillydallydingle, Katy at I'magingermonkey, Amy at Lucykate crafts, Megan at Maximum Rabbit Designs, Apryl at Meridian Ariel, Annie at Overmilkwood, Jill at Miaou crafts (who reminds me of Miranda from SATC), Leah at Sewtobed, Shirley at Ramblings of a Yarn Junkie , Caroline at World of Whizzz and Jacqui at Vintagekittykat.

There are a couple of others but I havent got their blogs to hand and I'm currently typing one handed, but you know who you are so consider yourself included too.

All these ladies are exceptionaly gifted and make the most amazing things, not only that though, they listen and help everyone out in anyway they can so everyone of you, you deserve these awards.


tintocktap said...

Can I grovel a bit and say sorry for not getting back to you before now? Thanks so much for the lovely parcel you sent me. I specially love the doll who is bigger then my daughter LOL!

Chloe said...

Oh I'm glad you got it.
Funny you replied today as I was just thinking about it this morning.
I'm sure it wont be long before your daughter will grow bigger than the doll!
My 6 month old is huge already!

Miaou said...

Chloe, you are a sweetheart! If I can work out how to display my awards I will do it with pride (techo-dumbass emoticon needed here!)

And I am most flattered by the SATC comment - ooh I feel all stylish now!! :-)

Chloe said...

You really do remind me of her!

Ok, if you put your mouse on the picture and right click it, it will come up with a little list and one of the options says save picture, click on that and it will save it with your photos and other pictures you have on your computer.
Then all you need to do is upload them as you would photos onto your blog :)

Meridian Ariel said...

bless you... you are the lovely and gifted one Chloe ... thank you.... and remeber I'm here in my ratty old cardi any time you need a witter... or a chocolate muffin recipe! ;o)

AnnieB said...

ack - you are a've brought a huge smile to my face now, thanks.

YES, OF COURSE, that's it!!! Jill does look like Mirand from SATC, I knew she reminded me of someone (she is the cutest one too, in my book at least!)

Hana Mi said...

awwww such lovely words, you made me burst inside, you lovely girl. I am most humbled ,as its more he the mans who cooks , I just direct!!!!!!!

oohhhh we did have a good hols, ahhhhhhh I just like looking at me pics. So wonderful to see them playing and laughing together after last year. Such a contrast, oohhhh Im all welling up now. I might post some more pics of it soon.

megan said...

awww thanks!!!
i couldn't have found this at a better time as i'm really needing some love!!!