Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Toadstool mania!

Well here they are! And arent they blinkin well fantastic! Mellisa at What Knot, I am very happy. Thank you very much.
Honestly, I woke up this morning all moody and tired and a big knock at the door revealed the postie with a little box.
L immeadiately asked what it was that I had been buying from America (says alot about me) and when I opened the box he was most suprised.
But they have put a huge smile on my face.

Look at the detailing on this little beauty. Its all kind of patched together like a teeny tiny quilt!
Absolutely fab.
I do have to say though that the little snail, now known as Mr Snail, has been claimed by middle child and M loves the Toadstool so they will be residing upstairs.
Its great really as we have just swapped all the kids bedrooms around and M has a little fairy woodland cottage type theme going on and not only that, she has a very bare old cast iron fireplace begging to be decorated, so these will fit the bill perfectly.
Now for my embarrasing admission. I am posting mine this afternoon!
I am so so bad but I promise Mellisa that your Toadstool is already packaged up and waiting to go.
In fact I'm going to print the postage myself right now.
(Slaps back of hand)
Just before I do though, I have come up with another swap.
I might post it later today if I get chance, if not it will be tomorrow.
I'm going to leave a couple of weeks for sign ups and a month for the project I think as there is alot going off in the way of swap at the minute, but this I think will be a really lovely swap so pop back!


Miaou said...

Lovely toadstools Chloe!

Can't wait to see what the swap is - I'm getting rather addicted to swapping now!

Claire said...

OOOO! Another swap! I've made a good start on the russian doll swap stuff....it's not very conventional, but hope you'll love it as much as i do! :)

MamaBlogger said...

i'm so glad you like them! i'm also relieved that you haven't sent yours yet because we're out of town this week and i was worried they'd come while not home. so no worries!!

Chloe said...

Oooh great lol
I should think it will arrive with you at the back end of next week.
Thats just me guessing though.

I've just been upstairs to tuck M into bed and she has obviously been playing with them :D