Saturday, 7 June 2008

1 down, 3 to go......

So I have finally managed to get my head down and make a start on my commisions.
This week has been a bit hectic. L has been off for 3 days and you know what its like when the other half is at home, things just dont get done and your normal routine seems to go out the window.
But yesterday I decided to crack on and get these dolls done.

I was asked by one of my "customers" (oooh get me!) to embroider her daughters names or initials on each doll. I was going to just the initial but what the hell, lets go whole hog and get the lot on it. Plus Chloe is a damn fine name if you ask me ;)

The next doll will be pretty similar apart from the fabric and the hair will be "blonde". I'll add a couple of other touches to it as the brief is for it to be girly.

Last week I also finished my toadstool for Lucykates swap. There are two other pieces to go with it but it would be impossble to take a photo of them and you not know what they are. So just in case my swap partner Melissa is reading, you only get a sneaky look.

I dont think this gives too much away. Well I hope it doesnt!

This will be winging its way over the Atlantic to the US of A next week.

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Hells said...

I love dolly having a name on her bum!!!