Monday, 20 October 2008

"Ribbit Ribbit"

I am addicted to making these frogs.

They are just so easy to do and look a treat when they're finished.

This one is M's. Ever since I made one for the Fairy Tale swap, she had been nagging for me to make her one so this is the one I did for her birthday. They are made so that you can fill them with rice or beans which makes them all floppy and they sit up but this one I stuffed because M likes to have all her dolls and things in bed with her.

I want to make some more but god knows where I'd put them.

If you fancy a go, you can find the pattern here at The Purl Bee.


Alex Mason said...

I love your frog for M :-) xx

Hells said...

I had one of these (or very similar) when I was a nipper. I loved him so much. I'd sit him up next to me or cuddle him. Then one day my silly mom washed him. IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! All the rice expanded and it exploded mid wash. I was devastated and traumatised for ages!!!
I still miss him. I may have to find a pattern and have a go myself.