Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Stop that door!

Here is my very first door stop!
I am so pleased with it too!
I had plans to make one for my parents as a christmas present, so I trawled the web trying to find a pattern. I don't do improvisation with things like this.
Luckily I found one that my simple brain could decipher and I tweaked it here and there, made it slightly smaller and I didn't add a zip.
I weighed it down with beans and then stuffed it to fill it out.
I'd like to make some more of them and possibly sell them on either Etsy or Folksy, if I dare open a shop there too. Having said that, Folksy sellers seem to be doing very well.
Next up I've been asked to make a bracelet for a fellow Mumsnetter and some simple hanging hearts for my Nan which I plan to add some lavender too. I'd also like to have a go at making a little cosmetic bag. Do any of you know where I could get a good tutorial for that?

1 comment:

Alex Mason said...

Love the door stop Chloe, i think they are a really good idea, i will keep a look out for cosmetic bag tutorials.

Alex x