Thursday, 30 October 2008

So I'm nicking Sole Monday. Better make that Sole Thursday.

Well I'm just pinching it for today. I hope you don't mind Katy!
I had to show you them as they are too gorgeous to sit in a box.

They are by a designer called Katia Lombardo and they are utterly divine.
I got them last week and I've lost count how many times I've just sat and stroked them! The smoothness of the patent leather and the way they curve. Ooooooooh lurrrvely. I wore them to M's parents evening last week as L was taking me out for a meal afterwards. I must have looked rather odd tip toeing across the playground but I had no choice because I couldn't walk in them! They are soooo high! But its ok, I will practice, I will.

There done now. Its out of my system, showing them that it. I can't promise I won't stop stroking them.

Now onto the craft side of things. I've got a few bits I'm doing at the moment, a WIP bracelet which is looking good, a drawstring bag, a new doll and I am hopefully going to attempt to make a padded liner for a dog crate/cage. Very exciting.

And for those of you who are looking forward to tomorrow

Happy Halloween!


Katy said...

check those pretty babies out!!!! Wow - LOVE EM!!!!

Chloe said...

Ha! I knew you'd like them!

Rachel said...

Oh my word, they are FABULOUS! I am so jealous - since giving up work and living in either flip flops or trainers I have forgotten how gorgeous high heels can be!

Craft Matters said...

Wow! Those are some incredible shoes!

Your pumpkin looks exactly the same as ours - complete with just the one tooth!

jillytacy said...

I love Katy's Sole Monday! These are gorgeous no wonder you want to sit down and stroke them! Just gorgeous!!!!

melissa s. said...

those are so, so cute!

AnnieB said...