Monday, 16 February 2009

Commision and crochet update

Cupcakes, done
I'm really pleased with them. The colours are great and I bought the felt from a different shop than I usually do and it feels alot softer which is nice.

Sooo this crocheting business. Thanks to the comments in my last post, I read them very slowly and I managed to rectify the decreasing of stitches.

I felt quite happy with the whole chain stitch and turning, so with alot of nagging from my daughter, I have started to make her a small blanket for her Wall-e and Eve toy.

I should say that I have had to start it 3 times because I did it too tight but I'm on a roll now, fingers crossed that the dreaded triangle doesn't appear again.

I'd like to have a go at making the little squares next. If any of you know of a good you tube tutorial, give me a shout.


Kitty said...

The blog Attic 24 will have you drooling with its crocheting goodness - and lots of tutorials there too. I think you've done really well. x

Alex Mason said...

Your crochet is looking great! and love the cupcakes xx