Monday, 23 February 2009

Owl swap

Silly laptop and silly blogger.
Between them they had plotted and I could not upload any pictures. When I did all my desktop icons were stolen and I was left with an empty laptop!
Any ideas as to why something as annoying as that would happen?
Owl swap
Last week I recieved my box of goodies from Hannah and was I looking forward to getting it. Just have a look at her blog and you will see why!
I was not disappointed.
Meet Margie
How cool is she!
And her hat comes off!
I love her. She now resides on a shelf watching the rest of the house and small children whinging and whining to get her down.
I can tell you now, it will not be happening!

Hannah also sent me these little goodies too

A lovely owl brooch which M has been wearing on her tops, some handmade owl buttons, some little white plastic owl buttons, crocheted flowers and a 5 pack of Bountys! I was very happy. Sadly the Bountys couldn't be photographed because....... well ahem... the dog ate them!

Honest guv, he did it.

So Hannah, thank you very much. I am very happy with my gifts. You were a great swap buddy.

Now usually I would show the gifts I had sent but silly arse over here forgot to take pictures. Doh!

Hannah has said she is going to take some though and if its ok with her I will upload them to Meridian Ariels Flickr group.

And a big thank you to Apryl for organising this swap. Its been great and I've really enjoyed doing it.


Hannah said...

Aww Margie is the perfect name! :) I am so glad you like what I sent I promise I will be blogging about what you sent soon (which I love by the way:)) Thank you for your kind words :)

Alex Mason said...

Love your owl she is gorgeous, hope your crochet is going well xx