Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Todays offering is.....

That was the best pose I was going to get from her!
M modelling my little childrens tote bag.
The fabric is a lovely mix between linen and cotton and it was a steal from Laura Ashley. £3.50 for a meter!

Didn't I say this fabric would make a lining! It works really well. Far too thin to use it for anything else really.

Tonight I'm going to try and cook up a boys version. I have some lovely fabric in mind for it. As of tomorrow I will have to take a short break for a few days. L is off so we have plans to completely wear the kids out. I don't care if its letting them run around a field all day, so long as they burn some energy off! Then Thursday and Friday M has some of her friends coming to play.

So my attention will be spread all over! I will however continue with the crocheting. Its a fab little hobby to have, just to be able to get it out of the cupboard and sit and do a few lines while I'm waiting for the dinner to cook or half watching a tv show. Its great, I'm really enjoying it.

Next on the to do list is a doll or two and a couple of door stops.

I also sent my Owl swap gift yesterday but silly me forgot to take a picture of it so hopefully Hannah will show you all when it arrives.

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Hana Mi said...

my two are always playing with all their little bags, going shopping especially!

That lining fabric is lovely

U know youve reminded me I once used a really pretty white ditsy flower print shower curtain fabric to line my kid bags I made at school!