Saturday, 21 March 2009

Coming along nicely

I've decided that I work much better actually being shown how to do something rather than reading about it.
I've also just realised why I probably did so badly at school.
Never mind.
I managed to do this flower just watching a youtube video.
It took me a few attempts. I got the general gist of it but there were a couple of bits where you couldn't see where you had to go next etc.
But I am pleased I've finally cracked it. Now I just want to know how to make a bigger version. I'd like to layer them and possibly make some brooches or corsages with them. I've tried doubling the amount of stitches but it doesn't seem to work out.
I will keep trying though!
I was very lucky to have been sent this crochet book (along with some Green and Blacks but I've no evidence of that anymore).
Its by Coats so there are some great little and big projects in there.
I'd like to have a go at the baby blanket but I can't get my head around the pattern instructions. I know the lingo and theres even a reference if I get stuck but its the amount of stitches that confuse me.
Is it possible to just be able to dive into a project like that as a new crocheter? I know the stitches now but even so, it doesnt make it any easier.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I also have another trick up my sleeve. I'm awaiting the arrival of some lurrrvely brass vintage pendants and charms. The plan is to make a variety of necklaces, maybe even bracelets.
I've been wanting to do this for a while now but I've never got round to it, plus vintage pieces are so so popular its hard to get hold of them. Just have a look on ebay. Once upon a time you could grab a job lot of charms and pendants for next to nothing, now your lucky if yor paying under £50.
But I have sourced a marvellous website which has the most fantastic items. I spent ages looking through the whole shop! I didn't leave a page unturned. Its rather addictive.
If you have a look to the right hand side on my list of blogs, the shops blog is on there. They are called "My Vintage Charms".
On the downside of things, my mum was admitted to hospital yesterday. She has been unwell for over a year now, suffering terribly with Rhumetoid Arthritis. The last two days she has been having palpatations so as a result she is now laying in a smelly hospital on a monitor and is thoroughly miserable.
I feel bad because I'm stuck 30 miles away but I am hoping its nothing and just a case of them altering her medication.
Hopefully they will get the readings they need and she will be back at home by Monday with their mad cat.
In the meantime I am off to enjoy the sun and spend a mad evening with the mad mums from school.
Have a great weekend folks!


calicodaisy said...

Pretty crochet! I've been enjoying this blog lately: Full of crochet color.

Hope your mom feels well soon.

Alex Mason said...

Hope your mom is feeling better. Your crochet is looking great! xx

Kitty said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum - how is she now?

I love the look of that blue/purple square in the bottom right hand corner of the crochet book cover. Looks a bit complicated though! :-O


futuregirl said...

You should just allow yourself to make a bunch of mistakes! :) Just dive in and mess everything up. That's the best way to learn. Nothing in crochet is forever ... you can always rip it out and redo it. Be brave! :)