Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Owl swap

I can now show you what I sent for the Owl swap.
Silly arse over here forgot to take pictures but Hannah my swap buddy has recieved it and blogged it now so I've pinched the photo (hope you don't mind Hannah!)

I loved making that Owl. You know when you have an idea in your head but your not sure whether its going to come out as you intended? Well this did.

I'd like to make some more but with different colours.

Alex commented on my last post and asked how the crocheting was going.

Well I am still doing the chain stitch and turning but once again I have found what I thought was a straight piece, turning into another triangle! And whats worse is that I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I need someone to show me in person what I am doing and how to rectify the mistakes. I decided then to try and have a go at making a flower. I have watched dozens of you tube clips and thought I had it pretty much sussed in my head. How wrong was I.

In the end I had something that could have been a finger part off a glove. I suppose I should be pleased with that but a flower it was not.

I have my mum coming on Thursday and hopefully she's going to show me some tricks and I might crack the triangle problem!


Alex Mason said...

love your owl :) hope you have sorted your triangle problem xx

Hannah said...

of course I don't mind :) Thank you again for my owl. I love it :)