Sunday, 1 March 2009

Something to keep your treats in

One for the boys that is.
I think boys get the short straw with alot of things.
I find that a huge percentage of the marketplace caters for girls rather than boys.
Maybe I notice it more having 2 of the creatures but I do find it an easy job finding and buying for M than I do for the boys.
Speaking of boy creatures, here is the youngest one on Pancake day.
Can you tell he liked the Cherries?
Its amazing how quickly that stuff sets!


Kitty said...

I am in total agreement over the 'easier to buy/make for girls than boys' thing. I have to try really hard to find 'boyish' fabric to make PE bags, etc. Sometimes it's easier to buy a duvet cover with footballers, etc. on and make bags from that - at least that's what I've found.

Your little one looks gorgeous! x

Alex Mason said...

I love your train bag and your little boy looks gorgeous covered in cherries :) hope your crocheting is going well mine is still at the chain stitch stage!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love the train bag. You are right, there's not enough cool crafty things for boys. I am always on the lookout.