Saturday, 31 May 2008

My contribution to the doll swap

I thought that I would do something different.
I had been meaning to have a play around with different designs for a while so the doll swap was a perfect opportunity to do it.
Really you've seen the design in my last post with M's friends dolly, but this is the one I made for

Certain parts were a bit fiddly, particularly the hair and the neck joints but I changed things slightly in the second doll to avoid any annoying stitching.

I do have to make a confession though. Not all of the doll is made by me! Shock horror! The little shoes are actually knitted by my dear old Nan. She makes hoards of them and gives them to the great grandchildren, friends and to a charity shop. Even I have some! She made some tiny baby ones and because I had given the doll big mahooosive feet I thought that the bootees would fit perfectly. And they did!

So handmade, yes they are, by me, errrrrrr no. I can't even cast on, so to make something like them would be a miracle.

Back to the swap, there are only a few swappers left now that are to finish. I have opened a Flickr account and uploaded all the finished photos to it. When all the dolls are done I will somehow figure out how to put a little Flickr thing on here.

Note, Mr Flickr if your reading this, can you please make that website easier to use. It doesn't make much sense to me and it leaves me wanting to cry after I have been on it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show sneaky pics of my toadstool for the swap. It could still be WIP but I hope it will be complete.


naomi said...

I love your doll's happy face! How did you fix the hair on? When I made a rag doll I backstitched the woll down the middle of her head, which wasn't too neat. The headscarf is a good idea!

Chloe said...

Thank you Naomi.
I basically cut the back template for the head in half and sew some wool down the middle, then when the front and back of the doll is complete and ready to be sewn together, I place the wool in really carefully round the head and sew in place.
Hope that makes sense.

saraeden said...

We love the doll thank you sooo much !!
Sara x

saraeden said...

Hi Chloe , im a bit behind with posting out your dolly .. i will get her off to you very soon !!

Sara x

Chloe said...

Sara dont worry one little bit.
I'm not going anywhere :)

JuicyFig said...

excellent doll! and the teeny tiny boots are ace!

I promise I will try and do the whole flikr thingy as soon as I can, but you are scaring me with tales of complcatedness! hehee


AnnieB said...