Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back to some craftiness

It seems a long time since I have actually done some sewing and yet I feel like I have alot to do.
Firstly I need to complete my kid swap gift again and make a start on the fairy tale swap. The kid swap is almost done, it just needs a few finishing touches and I know exactly what I'm doing for the fairy tale swap. In fact I'm quite looking forward to making that one.
So here is a sneaky peek at the kid swap gift

And here is my new stash of fabrics that I bought from an Etsy shop called Freshly Squeezed Fabrics. Its a great shop and very good prices too.

I had to really sit on my hands looking through that shop. There was so much I wanted but in the end I went for this lot.

I've got plans for some of it already.

After I've completed the swaps, which really needs to be for the end of this week, I'm making a start on a batch of dolls. M has decided she would like a princess party (try and define what that means!) and wants to make dolls. Ok I say, that can be done.

Eeeeeeek! Luckily she only wants girls there and luckily there are only 8 girls in her new class at school so not that many dolls. So the plan is to do a party a'la Prairie Mouse.

I emailed the lovely Louise to get some tips from her and she very kindly sent me a pattern to cut out to make the dresses for the dolls. I want to keep it as simple as possible, otherwise I think I'll be pulling my hair out even before the party starts! I've also taken it upon myself to make my own invites. Glutten for punishment I am!

I've got a good long list of christmas presents that I want to make too. I'm going to have to make a start on them now otherwise I just wont get them done. It was only at the begining of the year that I said I would stock up an Etsy shop for April.

What month is it now?!!!

Tomorrow is M's very first day at "big" school. I actually feel quite sick at the thought of it now. Weird because I was saying how much I am looking forward to her going for such a long time and now I'm not so sure. Plus middle child starts pre-school on Monday too! Only monday mornings, but still.

No more lazy days and going out when we feel like it. It will be up early and to school for 9am Monday to Friday everyweek.

I wonder if it will turn me into a super organised mum or just an even more disorganised mum.

The latter me thinks.


Rachel said...

Wow, love all those fabrics! Such lovely, pretty pinks - my favourites! Good luck for the first day of school - my youngest started last year and it was tough - but a crowd of us mums went for a coffee afterwards and that did help! And unfortunately, I am no more organised than I was before, but having more sewing time is a definite plus, for me at least! :)

Katy said...

gorgeous new fabrics, can't wait to see what they turn into!

Ravenhill said...

Fall is quite an adjustment isn't it!? Hope you will enjoy the new pace. What lovely fabrics you have made me drool over!

jillytacy said...

The fabrics are gorgeous! The party idea looks like a ton of fun! Enjoy the time you have home alone without the kids. It goes by very fast!

Craft Matters said...

Wow at those fabrics! You are going to be busy! :)