Monday, 15 September 2008

I am speechless........well not totally

Firstly Alex, if you are reading this, another mahooosive thank you to you.
For those of you thinking "what?" then I shall show you.

This is what greeted me this morning from the Postman!
L answered this door this morning and brought it through with a puzzled look on his face. The box was huge and it had FRAGILE written across the top, so he carried it very gently to me. L doesn't really know about what craft stuff I do and the swaps I am involved in so he was looking slightly bemused this am.

I got the kids ready as quickly as possible so I could open it up and this is what I saw

Look at it all!!!!!
I was so giddy and couldn't wait to open them all!

I never really stated what my favourite fairy tale was. There isn't really any to dislike is there. So Alex chose The Little Mermaid, and did she go to town with it!

First off there was this little bowl. It looks like theres waves in it doesnt it! I have emailed Alex after this morning to thank her and I asked what the bowl was made from. She said it was a mix of clay and other bits she throws in to give it a delicate finish. Then she puts it in the kiln and glazes it 3 or 4 times! Just think all the work that has gone into that.

Next was this.

Alex has used a box frame and made a gorgeous mermaid picture to go in it. Apologies for the poor picture but I just couldn't get the light right today. But as you'll probably see, there are some shells at the bottom and some very sweet hanging silver starfish, fish and shells. I'm going to put this up in M's room as shes very much into The Little Mermaid and even has her own figure in the bath! She's also been nagging me for weeks, probably months now to make her a mermaid fin. I have no idea where to start with that so if you hve any ideas, please let me know!

Anyway onto the next item...

A lovely notebook which has been decorated beautifully. I love the mermaid shape on it. Its very mystical, and the colours are lovely. Notebooks come in very handy with me!

Then this....

A very yummy wool scarf, which is so long , it almost goes down to my knees. And as for cosyness, well I think the next picture somes it up quite well

I'm not finished yet!!!!

Some crafty goodness, which when I opened the packet, was full of allsorts!

And then finally, if that wasn't enough....

Alex sent some books and stickers for the children. There was a sweet little colouring set that M ran off with and then begged to take to school but I had to make her leave it at home otherwise we wouldn't have seen it again.

So how lucky was I?!!! I feel very lucky and very overwhelmed by all these amazing gifts. They really are wonderful. Thank you.

I have told Alex that she must get herself a blog. Her talents spread far and wide I can tell you. There is nothing this woman cannot do!

I just hope you like your gifts Alex! I have taken photos this afternoon of them and I will put them on here as soon as they are recieved. Along with my kid swap gift which very very late!


Leah said...

What a lovely bundle of mermaidness. Lucky you

Ayama-chan said...

lovely mermaid goodness!! Love the bowl a lot, if I had to choose a favourite. Angry Chicken had a post about mermaid tales but can't remember if it was for the kiddos or the dollies....