Saturday, 13 September 2008

2 little gifts

A few weeks ago I was lucky to have been chosen for a giveaway from Margy at Hmm Designs.
I was a bit gobsmacked at the time as Margy had just give birth to her third son, who is absolutely adorable, and I thought, how does she have the time! I always check in on her blog and she is constantly rolling out great handmade crafty goodness.
So on Thursday we had a knock at the door from the postman and I got all excited when I saw the dutch packet.

And this is what was inside

How sweet is she!
Margy said that its a wee wonderfuls design and it is pretty wee and wonderful.

It couldn't have come at a better time too. Poor M has had a couple of bouts of sickness since last week. She was sent home from school on Friday after puking in PE, poor lamb. She spent the day feeling a bit grim but then perked up at bedtime. Then we had a repeat performance in the early hours of Wednesday morning! So school policy being what it is, she had to take 2 days off from school. Only a week and a half into school and already she has a glistening attendance record!

I digress, so the little Butterfly cheered her up no end and it hasn't left her side since.

Thank you very much Margy.

The second little gift is my little creation for Apryl's Fairy Tale swap. I was teamed up with a lady called Alex. She doesn't have a blog and for me that's made it all the more exciting. I haven't been able to see what she does or get any ideas to what she really likes. Alex did state at the start that her favourite fairy tales are The Frog Prince and Beauty and the Beast.

Oooh I wonder what it could be............?

All will be revealed next week!


Margy said...

Hi Chloe,

glad you like the little butterfly.

Apryl said...

lovely butterfly.. and totally intrigued by the sneek peek lovely fabric!

jillytacy said...

The butterfly is sooo cute! What a nice gift to cheer up your little one. I can't wait to see what you made for the fairytale swap. I was a little late getting mine out and forgot to take pictures.