Sunday, 28 September 2008

My swap offerings

I finally got my swap gifts sent out last week.
They were late going but I just felt like there was alot going on and I didn't get the chance to catch up with anything.
After lots of bouts of sickness, we discovered that M had a Urine infection. So we had to go through one lot of antibiotics only for them to have no effect, so we went back to the Dr's and she was given a different type, which thankfully worked.
So now M is back to normal. No complaints of poorly tummys, feeling sick, being sick and she's even found an appetite and eating like a horse! Very odd for M.

I digress.

Here we have my little pressie for the kiddie swap

I had all these big plans for this dolly. I had even started making some little things for her, but I realised that the little girl who was receiving it was only 3 and I am so wary of little ones putting little things in their little mouths, so I just didnt dare do anything too fussy. I know myself that M was an angel for things like that. She never put things in her mouth, ate things she shouldn't etc. Middle child on the other hand, is a totally different kettle of fish. All kids are different, so I had to be very careful.
But I have since had a report back from Helen (mum) and the gift was well received.


Next was the Fairy Tale swap. You saw my abundance of loveliness that I recieved last week (I am still shocked about it all!).

Here is what I sent my partner Alex.

(Apologies for the terrible photos)
Alex said her favourite fairy tales were The Frog Prince and Beauty and the Beast. I quite fancied making a frog and after a little googling, I found this tutorial from the Purl Bee. I then made a little lily pad for Mr frog to sit on.

I was very pleased with him and M has requested her very own.

Go and have a look at the tutorial. They are very easy to make and don't take long at all. I think they could be this seasons new Matroyoshka's as I've seen a few frogs cropping up on crafty blogland.

Alex seems pleased with him which is great. I should mention that Alex also has her own blog now. She's only just started it but do go and have a look. She is one talented lady.

Alexandra Mason.

I'm now very seriously cracking on with all the dolls for M's party, which is in less that 2 weeks now. Its all the cutting out thats taking so long. I hate that part so much. If a little imp would come in through the night and do all my cutting for me, it would make things ten times easier. But I don't think it will happen. I've cut out 6 and actually made one. Just 4 more to do, then making the wigs/hair and dresses.

Why did I think this was a good idea?


Katy said...

lovely swap offerings!!!!
Hope you manage to get all the dolls made - I am impressed with your dedication!!!

Hells said...

It is a lovely doll. G loves her very much!! Her name is Ellie-Ellie apparently!!

Craft Matters said...

I nearly used the exact same frog pattern for the Fairy Tale Swap! It's a lovely pattern and you made a great job of it so I'm glad I went for a crochet version instead.. Hope your lo is fully recovered now.