Monday, 19 January 2009

Actually, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

although you would think so.
Our disc drive went kapput on the laptop so its had to have a trip back to Sony to be repaired.
not before a system restore which meant backing up everything.
Enviromental issues must all come from our house. That great big gap in the ozone layer, well we probably doubled the size of it last week.
Backing everything up took 3 solid days. Yes thats right folks thats 72 hours of the laptop being on, day and night.
I actually thought the laptop would melt at one point it was that hot.
Anyway it is back now and all is well and I have internet connection.
I've also spent a few days in York at my parents with the boys as L and M jetted off to a very cold Austria again for fun and frolics in the snow.
We had drama the week before when I trapped M's finger in our gate, resulting in a trip to A&E, a suspected small break and bandaged fingers, a day of vomiting, missing school and thats not to
mention middle child losing his beloved stinky bunny.
And just when we thought all had calmed for L and M's trip I get a phone call from L the first night they were there to say that he had fallen 50ft off a cliff.
We like to be boring in this family. Can you tell.
By some miracle he hasn't managed to break a single bone and only came out of it with a brusied shin but he was stuck at the bottom of this cliff for almost 2 hours. Not even the rescue team could find him. They were just about to send out the helicopters to come and find him when some shouted that they could see him and alerted the rescue people.
Oh and I have just had a phone call to say that they have landed, all the bags have been collected but another drama unfolded today on the slopes. M had her rental skis stolen so L has had to cough up almost £80. Thats a nice end to your holiday isnt it.
So I have had what you may call an eventful fortnight. However this will end now and life will resume its normal dullness.
I will also resume sewing at some point as I'm not really on track with my Folksy plan (suprise suprise).
I would like to ask you a little favour though.
I could really do with an excellent tutorial on binding.
Now when I say excellent what I actually mean is simple with big pictures and clear instructions. Theres too much fluff in my head to deal with fiddly, long tutes.
I've been doing a bit of binding and to be quite honest its not very good.
Well in all honesty its utter crap. I should think my dog could do a better job.
So thats my favour.
If you know of a good tute, throw me a link over and I will be forever grateful.
I'll hopefully post again on Wednesday with some dramatic photography of the 50ft cliff and some other bits and bats.


Alex Mason said...

Hi Chloe, hope this week has got less drama in it for you! I think we should have online crochet support :) once you see my progress you might not agree! I did find a great video tutorial site which i will blog about later, have a great day!

Chloe said...

Oh great. I'll look out for it. My mum is visiting next week so I'll hopefully get a chance to start then.

jillytacy said...

Wow, what a chaotic time for you and your family! I hope all returns to normal soon. Dull and boring probably looks pretty good at this point!
If you're looking for a quilt binding tutorial Heather Bailey has one here:

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oh my goodness - that's a lot of excitement! hope stinky bunny has turned up and fingers are better.
sorry can't help with binding much to scary for me to tackle!