Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year, new look

Happy new year to you all.
Heres to fantastic 2009!
Did you celebrate, have a party or just a quiet night in?
Living next to the local pub, we had to endure 5 hours of a not so great singer belting out some cheesy tunes and killing some very great tunes.
She successfully woke up middle child with her screeching so it was nearing 2am when we finally got to sleep.
At least I saw the new year in. Personally I'd have prefered to see it in watching the back of my eyelids, but never mind.
So, any resolutions?
I never make them and if I did they would be broke in no time. Just call me Mrs zero willpower!
I am however going to be stocking up ready to open up a Folksy shop.
I will do this. Last year was too hectic but hopefully with middle child increasing his preschool days and small fry getting a bit bigger, I will have more time to get things done.
Thats the plan anyway.
Oh and thats not to mention a possible mum and toddler group that I may be opening with another mum!
Happy new year!


saraeden said...

Happy New Year !!
I hope 2009 is a great year for you x x

Sara x

Alex Mason said...

Happy new year! love the new look xx