Saturday, 15 March 2008

Back up and running!

I can now update with all the little bits I've been getting on with.
Its amazing how reliant you become on a pc. Also just as amazing is how much you can get done when you dont have one.

So I now have a lurrvey new Sony Vaio sat on my knee. With its lushcious curved edges, smooth keyboard and shiny bright screen (I promise I dont secretly work for Sony).

Anyway, here are the dolls I've got done over the last 3 weeks.

I'm really pleased with all of them. I made a bit of a mistake with the one on the left. She turned out a bit bigger than normal and took up nearly a full bag of stuffing but she still looks sweet. My favourite though has to be the cheeky chap on the right who I've called Ralph.

I had a go at making one of those crayon purse things. I've seen them all over now and I think they're a lovely idea. I was at a bit of a loss one night so I decided to give it a go and it only took me an hour to do.

This is what it looks like closed

Then it opens up into this

Then one day Madison and I were having a blog gawp, as I like to call it, and came across Flossie Teacakes blog (I would link at this point but for some reason it just wont do it) and we got the recipe for some Peppermint Hearts. They turned out really well and Madison devoured most of them in a few minutes.

My next project which I had to get finished were some hanging hearts for my friends little girl. She has just decorated her bedroom in the most gorgeous pink and purple colours and I promised I would get them done for her.

I embroidered her initials on the top, middle and bottom hearts and decorated all of them with different buttons. They are now hung in her room and look very pretty.

Then the fab Lucykate Crafts put a link onto Mumsnet about a felt bag from Betz White (must must sort out these links).

So I found an old Gap jumper in a size 8 (shock horror) and because there was more chance of me taking over the world than fitting into that again, it got thrown in the washing machine and endured a 95 wash.

I've never ever felted anything before, well not intentionally anyway, but I really really enjoyed it and the tutorial was really easy to use (must have been for me to use it). I've had a good old rummage through some of my old clothes and bits which were on the way to the charity shops and I found a 100% cashmere cardi. That also got the 95 treastment but amazingly it hasnt felted, or it doesnt feel like it has. So I'm not so sure what I have done there.

Then finally I have been thinking about redecorating Ellis' bedroom as its been untouched since we moved in. Well I say untouched, I did remove the hideous Scooby Doo border but other than that its still displaying lovely artex.

So I've ordered some gorgeous fabric from Nuno which has some trains and cars on and that may be used to make some tab top curtains or a playmat. Not so sure yet. But also I thought I could brighten the walls up with some pictures. Ellis has a bit of an obession with cars and trains and in particular an old train of L's that a landscape gardner found in his parents garden. It sits on top of our piano out of the way because I love it too much for it to be played with and destroyed but I thought it may look good in the form of a photo on his walls.

I've taken another shot of it facing the other way too so hopefully they'll enlarge with no problems and the frame man on our local market can set me up with a fab frame for it.
So thats it really.
I'm off for a cup of hot chocolate and to try and figure out how to do a link without seeing numbers, slashes, dots and all ther things.


Meridian Ariel said...

perhaps we should all go computerless awhile because you seem to have gotten loads done. THe dools are lovely and so is the crayon holder. Beautiful work!

tillyboo said...

Oh My God ! How busy have you been ? Some lovely 'making' going on and I just LOVE that pink Gerbera, one of my fav flowers.


AnnieB said...

wow - you were making up for lost klaptop time with all those photos! brilliant - love the dolls, the bag, the hearts...everything...and am very much liking your new blog banner too - you always have the loveliest banners!