Sunday, 30 March 2008

I need a little time

Well last week was very hectic. Man and daughter have gone to Austria for Snowboarding and Skiing so I've been busy washing, ironing, packing, washing some more and packing more.
So I'm at home minus a husband, daughter and 2 dogs. Left with 2 little boys. The plus side is that they nap.
I haven't got any craft done at all and now is the time I need to get cracking. The fair is only 10 days away.
I'm also without a camera because that has been taken to Austria as well.

But today I have plans to make some earrings and there is also another challenge on the mn crafters blog.
Its an inspirational challenge. I have some ideas in my head but whether they come out in a decent fashion is another thing.
I wont go into the disfigured Robot that was made the other night!

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