Saturday, 8 March 2008

No laptop no posts

Sadly our laptop has passed away.
Its also taken 2 years worth of photos with it, thanks to a ruined hard drive.
I'm absolutely broken about it. We have fortunately salvaged an old disc which has some photos of my first son Ellis as a newborn and up until he was about 4 months old but nothing after that.
Theres so many memories that we have captured and now they've all gone. So a word of wisdom to you, go and back up all your photos. Go on, do it NOW!

At the moment I'm using a 10 year old pc that is normally used by Madison for playing games or the paint program.
Its that old it doesnt support the program for our camera so I can't upload any photos of the work I've done.
But hopefully the man will be buying a new laptop on Monday.

The doll count is increasing ready for the craft fair that is quickly looming upon me. I've also done a few more jewellery pieces.
Not that you can see any of it!

Also I have an Etsy shop ready and waiting for me! I'm very excited about it but I'm going to be sensible and open it end of April/May time when I will have more stock made.
Or maybe I wont need to make anymore, depending on how successful the craft fair is!

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AnnieB said...

awh - rotten luck. Thanks for backup going to put all mine on flashdrive NOW!

at least you are getting crafting time in though...good luck at the fair, and with etsy (very exciting!)