Monday, 24 March 2008

My little treat

One of the other MN crafters has started to make some beaded jewellery.

I think cards were her main passion but she made the silly mistake of picking a bead up and stringing it and lets be honest the second you do that your addicted.
She made a lovely lariat necklace using green and pink seed beads with some lovely leaf beads at the ends.
I have to admit I'm not normally a fan of what I call "normal" beads I love gems too much, but this piece was just lovely and I had to have one.

And this is it.

I love it and it will go perfectly with a grey and green cardigan I have.

Since she's made this shes also made some other brilliant pieces and I have to stop looking otherwise I will spend too much money!

This is her blog, Chickadee cards. Go and have a look and treat yourself too.

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