Sunday, 23 March 2008

Something old, something new

A little online craft friend Meridian Ariel started up a vintage swap. I was lucky to get a lovely lady called Whizzz who said she had a thing for purple and green at the minute.

Sooooo after a bit of researching I stumbled upon a great picture of an old 1920's style necklace.
I found some more images and found that alot of the jewellery in that era used Bicone beads and usually an interesting focal pendant.

Heres what I came up with

The picture doesnt really show off the colours well but they are Swarowski crystal beads in "Amethyst" and "Peridot" with little silver beads between each one. The pendant is again Swarowski crystal but its clear and it was called the Avant Garde pendant. I love it so I hope you do too Whizzz!

Next I was asked by M to make her a little cat from a drawing she did. I ahve to say I was very impressed by her efforts to draw one. For a 4 year old she really does capture things well and has an eye for detail.

Obviously this is the first one and its gone wrong in a few places but that might have had something to do with the little scrap me and the sewing machine had. But I was thinking about making a few of these for the craft fair and selling them cheaply or maybe not bothering at all.

And here is my payment for a haircut. I thought it was a fair deal. Make a doll for my friends little girl and I get a free cut. Sounds good to me!


megan said...

i love that necklace - they're my all time favourite colours.
what a cute cat and doll too!!!
i wish i could see your photo's larger why don't they come up bigger if i click on them?
great work :0)
vInTaGe VioLeT

Chloe said...

Not so sure why the pictures dont enlarge.

SewToBed said...

The necklace looks really lovely.

My only comment with the cat would be to make the eyes two colour - the white button gets a little lost in the white rim (imo) and I'm sure they would sell well

Chloe said...

Thanks for that STB.
I wasnt sure when I did it last night and now I'm looking at it on a photo I can see what you mean.

Hana Mi said...

Loving your quick creative flow, your dollies are just adorable. Very kiddy huggy friendly!
Cant wait to see miss heart.

AnnieB said...

those are all lovely - definately make more cats - very sweet