Monday, 7 April 2008

They're back!

After a week in Alpendorf, Austria, they're back!
This was the first skiing holiday for M and she absolutely loved it. She has come back with a shiny medal, a certificate and a big big smile on her face.

Maybe next year I'll be able to get my snowboard gear back on.

But while they were away I got some bits done.
Here are some hanging decorations.

I'm going to get some more done today and tomorrow ready for the fair on Wednesday (gulp!).
And another doll who needs a name

This craft fair has taught me quite alot and I havent even done it yet.
I'm so so disorganised and unprepared. I have so much to do before Wednesday and I have no idea how I'm going to do it but it will be done!
Luckily my friend is helping me out as the fair is all day 9-5!
I think we'll have to treat ourselves to cream cakes!

However when it is out of the way I can concentrate on getting my Etsy shop up and running and I will also do a giveaway as promised.

Anyway wish me luck!

Oh and before I forget...........

This will be my new workstation soon!
I love it.
My dad found it in an antique shop and since they already have one which their friend converted to a garden table, its only fair I get one too.
So hubby will be attatching a lovely piece of wood to it for me and I'll have my own little space.
I just need a place for it to live........

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AnnieB said...

oooh, i have one of those singer bases too, with a fairly unpleasant marble style top - love it though

snow looks great, as do your creations, good luck at fair