Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I've been tagged. A Meme...

Annie at Overmilkwood has tagged me for the Meme that seems to be doing the rounds on most blogs at the moment.

So here goes!

4 jobs I have had;
Sandwich maker - When I was 14 I used to work in a little unit near my dads design studio making sandwiches for a local company. They also had a little shop in the centre of York and I occasionaly worked in there too.
Its a suprisingly messy job!
Sales advisor - This was for a jewellers. I loved this job so much. All the pretty jewellery, meeting lovely people and working for a good firm.
Sadly there was alot of bullying going on in the shop I worked in and it got a bit too much.
Last but not least, Store Manager - This was for Clarks shoes. I started off as a Suprvisor and then jumped for a chance at my on store and got it. This was my last job before I had M.
Then my final job was an Escort and not that kind before you start thinking it!
Basically I worked with young people who were in care. It could be escorting them to court, transporting them from one secure unit to another, taking them on visits/appointments or even picking them up from a police station if they had been arrested.
Its a very sad job and you see and hear lots of horrid things. It can also be quite dangerous at times but luckily I worked with my father in law and my man at the time so I was well protected.
Think Dog the Bounty Hunter but with kids lol.

4 favourite films;
Yikes this is hard
When Harry Met Sally, don't all women love this?
3 Men and a Baby
All the Harry Potter films
And finally man and I love to watch Die Hard films when we're having a lazy day.

4 places I've been;
Jamaica - Gorgeous country, full of amazing people and very friendly locals who love music. We also went to Bob Marleys house which was a bit of an eye opener!
Caymen Islands - Again gorgeous place. It has the most unbeliveable clear waters and clean beaches.
Havana, Cuba - Amazing City, amazing architecture, amazing history. What more can I say.
Greece - Now I've been all over in Greece and I cant say one place is better than any other but I do love it there.

4 places I've lived;
This isnt as exciting as I havent gone anywhere out of Yorkshire.
I've lived in York, Wakefield, Barnsley and now Northallerton.

4 favourite tv shows;
Sex and The City (lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this show)
Absolutely Fabulous

4 favourite radio programs;
Now you can call me what you want but I'll be honest, I dont really listen to the radio.
Music I love listening to but it annoys me listening to people talking.
If I do listen to radio its always Radio 1.

4 favourite foods;
This is not easy. Theres so many!
I love a good chicken salad with good dressing and crunchy veg
Chocolate obviously
And I love dips espeially Tzasiki

4 places I'd rather be;
I've never been but New York at christmas
York, my home town
A lovely place near here called Osmotherly which has a lovely little stream that the children can play in and is surrounded by countryside.
My bed

Ok heres my 4.
I nominate Flossie Teacakes, Cupackes For Clara, Chickadee Cards and World of Whizzz


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