Friday, 25 April 2008

Merry merry merrylegs

My friend who I've come to know through my husband, had her first baby last week.
A little girl called Katy.
So rather than go for the usual set of clothes or a traditional teddy, I decided to opt for a Merrylegs made by another Katy from I'magingermonkey.
And here she is

Isnt she fab!

Katy also popped in a little pressie for myself

This gorgeous brooch which is going to look fab with some of my holiday outfits.
I have to admit that I have a bit of a thing for Corsages. Big Corsages that is. I think it came from watching too much Sex and The City.
Hopefully I will have some pictures of things I have done soon.
I want to make a start on the doll for the swap today if I can. I have all my templates cut out, designs all on paper and my ideas firmly in my head. I get a bit nervous starting on something new. I think I have everything in place ready to go and then I usually forget something crucial and it buggers up the whole thing.
Fingers crossed this time I will have covered everything.
Keep your eyes peeled and I'll post sneeky peeks of the WIP.


Katy said...

I'm so pleased you like her - I hope Katy does too (well, her mum!)

Looking forward to the sneaky peeks!

JuicyFig said...

love merrylegs! and what a cool name!
like what you are doing with your blog colours too - now then, your title looks like sweeties...did you take a photo in a sweet shop, or buy them then eat them???

I couldn't sleep last sunday night for planning out my doll in my head, and if I had the house all tomyself, and no work to get up for on Monday, I would probably have got out of bed and made it! it's too exciting!!!!


Chloe said...

They are sweets, yes Kath.
They're those candy cables with the white fondant centre.
My husband loves them, the big kid he is!
I thought that they would make a great photo if I just threw them all together in a big pile.

I'm glad you like the blog colours too.

Looking forward to seeing your doll!

AnnieB said...

love the merrylegs, the corsage AND the new look blog