Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Craft fair. Or was it????

Oh well, another lesson learnt in the rollercoaster that is life.
Money means more.

The craft fair was a bit of a disaster. I didnt even cover half of the cost of the table but if I am totally honest that side of it doesnt really bother me.
It was my very first fair and really I am only at the start of my craft venture.

The fair itself was pleasant, the people that came in were lovely an I talked to some lovely lovely people. In particular one lady who bought a doll for her gorgeous little baby girl and had the most fantastic pushchair (it had an ipod docking station and speakers in the hood, swoooooooooon) but I digress, I dont think it could have been called an arts and crafts fair at all.

There were 4 exhibitors includng myself selling handmade items which to me is what a fair is about. Its showing and selling your art or craft.
The rest of the exhibitors were selling shop bought or mass produced items. I do have to let off the lady who was next to me though because she bought vases and fake flowers and made the most gorgeous displays so really she did have an art, plus she was very funny.

As you walked in, you were met by a 12ft table all covered in jewellery. I find out later that it is in actual fact a franchise of mass produced jewellery.
The other lady next to me was selling all her handmade jewellery and she was bloomin well good at it.
I sat and watched her make some bracelets and the time and thought that was put into them was amazing but did she do well?
Err no not really. I think I heard her say she covered her table cost and that was it.
How are arts and crafts people ever supposed to continue to do fairs if they have to put up with that?

Anyway I have expressed my point of view to the gentleman that actually runs these fairs. Whether or not its taken on board is another thing but there you go.

However my lovely friend who helped me out yesterday has informed me that there is a proper arts and crafts fair every fortnight or so in her village.
A real fair with old ladies selling cakes and buns, kids running riot and husbands being dragged around.
Thats the kind of fair I need and want to be at.
Even if I dont make anything its nice just for people to look sometimes and comment on what you do.

Anyway rant over.
I'm now debating whether to list what I have left on Etsy or hang on for another fair.
Decisions decisions...........


Hana Mi said...

awww well done on doing it and making things for it, that is an achievment in itself and an amazing one with your brood.Although selling is a plus, I think the 1st experience in a new venture can count for so many things.

Good luck for the next one , I have a feeling it will be much more buzzy.


JuicyFig said...


just found your blog, and e-mailed you about the doll swap - don't be disheartned with the craft fair, you just need to sus out better fairs! I did a local health and welbeing fair in my reflexology role, and although there were loads of people there, didn't make a penny. It really put me off! but would love to do an arts and crafts fair - something like londons spittlefield market in the north would be ace!

keep up the good work girl!