Sunday, 20 July 2008


I have managed to make an item of clothing for a doll!

Ahhhhh the wonders of elastic.
Its not perfect by any means. Making an A line skirt on the bias with elastic maybe wasnt the best option to go for but I know where I have gone wrong so I can perfect it next time. But otherwise I am tres happy.

I thought I'd picture the doll with my just about to flower Hydranger. Its nice to see some colour in our little courtyard now. I have some fab pink lillies which every year seem to double, but this year they came out very quickly and were quite pale in colour. So I was a bit disappointed. My mother in law has had the same problem with hers too. Could it be some weirdy climate thing?

My Lavender on the other hand has done very well.

Its been completely attacked by hoards of Bees. I'd love to taste some of the honey they have made with it.

I've also signed up for another swap. Its being organised by Apryl at Meridian Ariel. You have till the end of August to get it done so theres plenty of time if your busy. The only thing is that you have to mention your favourite Fairy tale. I couldnt think of one. I dont think I ever had a favourite as a child.

Whats your favourite fairy tale?


AnnieB said...

love the skirt...and your lovely flowers...I have killed all my plants. Againqunuys

Meridian Ariel said...

love the skirt, and the lavender is lovely, I picked the first ripe tomato from the green house yesterday. A yellow one.. I shall miss that green house when we move, and I wonder how we are going to possibly get the tomato plants out safely.

thanks for the swap mention. as for my personal favourite. I have always loved Little Red Riding Hood, but my great aunt gave me these readers digest fairy tales from around the world that has a few diffent ones.. there is one where a girl goes to live with some cats... must look it up again,... oh and I once wrote my own fairy tale.. *cringe*

Katy said...

I kill plants too. They don't like me.
Fab skirt!!! Hoorah!!!

JuicyFig said...

Lovely skirt - very modern!
our little flower patch is really struggling this year, and the sweat peas are just exactly the same as when I bought them 2 months ago!


hmmm - fav fairy tale??? the ones I tell my customers everyday in my 'real' job! hehehe

silverpebble said...

Lovely skirt - what a chic dolly. Especially posing, catalogue-wise, next to those hydrangeas.

Oof, more swaps - would love to sign up but struggling to get my current ones done.

Fave fairy tale - not really a traditional one but 'The necklace of raindrops' by Joan Aiken. It inspired me to make my garland jewellery.

Miaou said...

Well done with the skirt - very neat sewing! Favourite fairytale ... well I always quite liked Sleeping Beauty, and I'm rather fond of Little Red Riding Hood, but that's all about the cape really ... !