Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not much going on here

So the summer holidays have descended on us.
What joy.
I predict that I shall be bald by the end of August through tearing my hair out
The weather is on and off and just cant make its mind up which doesnt help matters. You get your shorts and tshirts on ready to go out and then just as your walking out the door a grey cloud appears and you go back in for your wellies and mac.
Thats Great British weather for you I guess.

So because of the holidays I have got just about nothing done craft wise. All I have done is a couple of little bits for the kids swap but the main parts need doing more importantly. Last night I started to make a Japenese Knot bag as a present for my Auntie. Leah from Sewtobed sent me a link to the bag at Show me your workings.
I did completely bodge it up by ignoring one crucial part of the instructions. This has led me to unpicking all the stitching and starting again.
But that aside, it is a lovely lovely bag and a quick project to knock together.Tonight I plan to finish it off and make another with some different fabric. I think they'll make good christmas gifts too.

We met this little cutie last week on a trip to Scarborough. L and I have fond memories of there and we spent alot of days there together pre children. Alot of it still has its cheesy amusements, (arcades for the US readers) with the old ladies doing the bingo and children flocking around the grabber machines screaming at their parents wildly to win them a toy, but all that aside it has its lovely points like the Spa, the beautiful buildings, the castle remains, lovely beach and some nice little shops in the town.

I apologise if there is a huge blank space above this but there should be a picture of the Spa. At the moment I cannot see it but it wont let me take it off!

After Scarborough we took a detour to see my parents. I hadn't seen them for a month as they had a 2 week holiday and my mum is too unwell to come and visit. I think shes on the verge of being diagnosed with Rhuemtoid Arthritus so she's in alot of pain.
But we wanted to visit because they have a new kitten.

Misty was quite shy and shes still getting used to living with my mum and dad, so having 2 new adults and 3 very loud small children would have scared the hell out of her (they're enough to scare the hell out of me sometimes). She spent the majority of our visit under some drawers.

I bet your thinking shes a funny looking Cat arent you? Well she's a Devonshire Rex. My parents had another Devon Rex called Willow. They got her from the RSPCA. She was very badly treated in her old home and as a result, was a very very timid cat. She never left the house, wouldnt be picked up and hid under blankets all day. But she trusted my parents 100% and had a lovely life with them.

Sadly she died back in April. But because of her nature and the fact that she was such a lovely cat my parents wanted another and were lucky to find an excellent breeder in the same county. And finally they have another.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. I must get on with housework so I have craft time tonight!

Have a great day and good luck to fellow school holidayers!


Hana Mi said...

Im really sorry to hear about your mum and her possible diagnoses. Send me her name and piccy if u can and I can do my thang.

Ive had my 1st day at home holiday day today, as it was needed all round , but the house is paying for it and after bed time so will I!!!!

Thank gawd for summer camps! Although they only last 3weeks out of my 7 booo hoooo. I cant face parks or soft play every day. Bring on the heat so they can go in the paddling pool I say!

JuicyFig said...

and it's just the start of the summer holliday!!! good luck - mina can almost entertain herself these days.

I have only been to scarborough once on a coach trip years ago - it was lovely, our neerest seeside resort if blackpool - not a huge fan I am afraid.

hope your mum is ok.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Whoever invented the 6 weeks holiday should be given a good telling off I reckon! Still, it's not all bad and sometimes I even enjoy having them all around - and now that they have actually all gone off for the afternoon with Mr Locket I am left feeling totally at a loss! Typical!

Lucy x