Saturday, 5 July 2008

I think this was the best part of our very miniture mini break.
All I will say is that I wont be going to a Pontins ever again in my lifetime!

But I will say that Southport is a very lovely place and such a shame that they inflicted such a bad bad place on them.

I did however have a lovely suprise waiting by the door when we got back.

My lovely doll from Sara for the doll swap.
She came with a gorgeous little mini quilt, some dark purple vintage buttons, a lovely little bag which is what they're all laid on and a toadstool brooch. I also got a couple of postcards, one of Chatsworth house and another of a pink VW Camper, oh and a badge!
How lucky was I!
Well I thought I was until M grabbed the lot and ran up to her bedroom.
I had to grab what I could to take a photo before it was too late.
I tried to hide the doll but we ended up with screaming ab dabs at bedtime because she wanted the "new doll".
I was going to give her the brooch aswell but since she has taken my toadstools and now the doll, the brooch is all mine!
And I've definately decided that middle child will be the recipient for the kid swap.
This weekend I just need to finish off one more doll and I can post out the two commissions, then I need to finish the russian doll swap and hopefully make another birthday present for a little girl at M's school.
Oh and then it will be the kid swap.
I may breath after that.
Have a good weekend.


Meridian Ariel said...

sory about your dreadful trip to Pontins... but at least you got such fab goodies when you returned...

Hells said...

Lovely goodies. Exactly the reason I open anything that looks interesting in my bedroom away from the girls!!!

Katy said...

what great goodies!!! Definitely makes up for the hell-hole that was Pontins!!!

saraeden said...

We used to go to Southport a lot when we lived in Preston , it has some lovely buildings !! Soo glad you like the little package !!!

Sara x

tillyboo said...

Shame about your break but at least you had a nice surprise when you got home.
Isn't Southport where Red Rum was trained on the beach ?