Friday, 11 July 2008

Russian Doll swap gift and a WIP

Ok Claire, if you are reading, look away now otherwise it will spoil your suprise!
I posted the swap gift today so Royal Mail efficiency permitting, it should arrive tomorrow anyway.

Sooooo here they are!and if your wondering why Master russian doll is looking a bit mischievous..........

Heres why. The cheeky monkey stole the last lollipop!
I really enjoyed making these. I plan to do more when I stop signing up for swaps and I do actually have time.

Next is my WIP.
I had planned to get this all perfected by today as I wanted to get one made for one of M's friends birthdays, but its prooving to be a little awkward to say the least.

The seams in certain places all crinkle up when its sewn together and I cant figure out why, which is most annoying.
I have made two last night, the second being slightly different to try and eliminate the crinkles but noooooooo its still not playing.

I have till lunchtime to get it cracked and I do have to do it because I have no present to give otherwise.
Why is it the things that you think will be easy, quick and simple, always turn out to be long, difficult and down right awkward?

But on a little good note, well it is for me anyway, here is the young un (as L calls him) yesterday.

Its a big hurrah from me as he is actually enjoying eating.
Middle child suffered with horrendous reflux for a long time and basically didnt start weaning until he was almost 1. So its only now he's nearly 2 that he's starting to put some weight on and look like his age. We get alot of people asking if young un and middle child are the same age!
Errr no actually theres 15 months between them.
Right, I must go and figure this bloomin doll out!


megan said...

love your russian dolls - very cute especially the lolipop thief!
hope you get rid of the wrinkles in new dolly - always the way when your in a hurry [grrr]

Meridian Ariel said...

love the russian dolls! very cute lollipop thief. good luck finish off the new dolly!

great pic of your Littlest one too!

Claire said...

They're great and I love them! They are going to take pride of place in my craft room! :)

Katy said...

they look great, and I love the monkeys you got from Claire!!!

Try clipping the seams before you turn the right way - that may be the problem :)

Hana Mi said...

ooh those russian dolls are just the cutest , I love the dummy in the girly one.

and littluns face is as if to say , "hey u dont interupt me in my food reverie"!!