Sunday, 14 December 2008

Up and away

(please excuse the mark on my picture. Tis the children. I'll blame it on them)
I was asked just over a week ago to make 10 of these Robin decorations.
As usual with these things, making them doesn't take long at all, its the all the cutting out thats time consuming.
But give me an hour long episode of Emmerdale, 3 kids in bed and some chocolate and I can get anything done!

Yes thats right, I like to watch Emmerdale.
Its escapism after a long day talking gobbledigook. I could make excuses all day about it but I don't care. I am proud to come out of the soap closit.

So yes, Robins, they are done now and they will fly away on Monday morning who I believe is distributing them as christmas gifts which is nice.

Are you all ready for the big day?
Got your decorations up, wrapped your presents, sent your cards?
Well we've got the decorations up, I've wrapped most of the kids presents but haven't wrapped anyone elses but I have sent my cards, well except family ones. I still have'nt bought them.

Here is our tree. Our real tree that L and M went and picked yesterday. Its had to have a little pruning done to it as its was a bit wonky to start with but its perfect.

I love how the top 3 sticks/stems/bits all curl up. They remind me of antlers. Sadly the picture doesn't show up our lovely little twinkly lights.

I ended up decorating it myself as M announced it was boring! As if! And the boys wanted to bicker over cars.


But I enjoyed myself with a bit of Dean Martin playing in the background. Lovely.


Alex Mason said...

Love your robins,and your tree. Hope you have had a great weekend! xx

odd dotty said...

Those robins are adorable!! Nice work! And you did a great job decorating your tree!! I love the Christmas season, I just wish there was magically more time during it to get things done.

jillytacy said...

The robins are so adorable! What a nice ornament to get as a Christmas gift. I'm sure the recipients adored them! I hope you had a great Christmas!

JenMeister said...

Those robins are ├╝ber sweet :)