Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Mee wish you a Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve!
Are you excited?
I know I am!
No crafting has taken place here over the last few days. We've had so much to do and what seems like little time to do it in.
My big plan is to get some items made ready for a Folksy shop in the new year but some thinking and planning needs to go into that, oh and also time which I seem to not have very much of.
I wonder if someone bought me some time for Christmas?
Anyway, enough babbling.
All I came here for was to say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and marvellous new year.


Rachel said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Chloe!
Rachel x

saraeden said...

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas honey !!

Sara x

Margy said...

Hope you have a wonderful christmas

Hana Mi said...

Hope you all had a lovely day darlin. Speak to you soon.You know I cant resist a text here and there when away.

Happy new year

Big kish


Alex Mason said...

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas xx