Monday, 1 December 2008

Big fish, little fish, fabric box!

Did any of you ever do that dance?
You know the one where you flap your arms around like a mad person.
Maybe it was just me then.

Last night I decided I wanted to make a little storage box. I've seen a few on other peoples blogs but they were all round or basket shaped with handles. Lovely as they all are, I wanted square and rectangular shaped boxes.
So I set out last night and made this

I apologise for the dire photo but the box would not play and pose for me.

I also apologise for the creases in the fabric. That is due to M playing with it this morning and then the middle child sitting on it.

But aside from its non posing and creases, its come out really well. I have lined it with 4oz wadding, so its really soft. It holds it shape well and it would make a good little storage box for crafty bits. Maybe wool, thread or just keep your little bits and bobs in. I think it would be also good for a nappy/diaper holder. I think they're a bigger hit in the US than here in the UK though.

Time and sick child (yes thats M who has caught yet another sickness bug) permitting, I'm hopefully going to make another one today and take photos whilst I'm doing it, then I can do my very first tutorial! Look at me, getting big for my boots! (you watch, the next one will go horribly wrong)

Did anyone sign up for Soozs Happy CD swap? I have found out who my partners are today so I'm off for a blog nosey!

Have a good day folks.


Alex Mason said...

Love your storage box, a great idea!

Rachel said...

Hasn't Bob the Builder just released that song? He he! Your fabric box looks great - looking forward to your tutorial!