Sunday, 23 November 2008

Gifts galore!

Its that time of year again.


And anyone who knows me, knows that I love christmas.
In fact, as I type, I have the Santa Clause 3 movie on Sky Premiere.
I am desperate to get the decorations up but L won't let me. We have to wait till the 1st! The 1st! Can you imagine. Thats 1 whole week to wait!
But to cheer myself up,
I made these....
I should say that I had big plans to take a photo of these outside, because this morning we woke up to snow everywhere (this also added to my christmas excitement) but it was far too cold and the snow was starting to melt.

So anyway, these little hanging decorations are for M's teachers. I figured that it seems to be the done thing to give the teachers a present before the kids break up from school and no doubt they will be drowning in boxes and tins of saturated fat, so why not go for something more festive and that won't give them saddlebags.

Next on my xmas gift wish list, was a bed for our dogs. I'm not sure if I have mentioned them on here before but we have 2 little dogs. A Beagle called Oliver. He's nearly 8 years old now and turning into a grumpy old man. Then we have Freya the little Chihuahua. She is only 2 and just grown out of the puppy phase, however she is Oliver's boss. If Oliver gets all grumpy, she snaps at him, if he dares drink out of the bowl before her, she snaps at him, in fact if he dare do anything out of line, he gets it. This also applies to the marital dog bed.

We did buy them 2 beds. Oliver has a larger bed because he is a bigger dog. Freya has a smaller bed, for obvious reasons. However, this is not good enough for Freya. The bigger bed is far superior and therefore it is hers.
L and I now go to bed everynight to hear poor Oliver being snapped at for daring to get into his nice warm bed by the radiator. So the solution? To make one nice big comfy bed for them both

See, even here Oliver is getting the filthy looks. The poor boy even sat watching me make it! I think if you click on it you will still see the pins in the binding. Thats because I haven't quite finished it, not because I like to torture my pets before any calls are made to the RSPCA.

So hopefully this will eliminate any arguments between the two!

Then finally for the gifts, I was a runner up in Rachel's giveaway and yesterday I recieved this

Its a very cute little brooch.

I had the perfect thing to put it on and then a pair of beady little eyes caught sight of it and it was gone! Still, it will look nice on M's clothes and I might even put it on her school bag so that its a bit more identifiable.

I did also mention in my last post about another pattern that I was doing. Well I had every intention of blogging it but its not come out exactly to plan (much to my annoyance). So I may try and rectify it and blog it orrrr I may just put it on the pile of not finished projects.

We shall see!


jillytacy said...

Great ornaments! I like the bird the best. Your doggies are cute and it's funny that the littlest one is the boss!

Alex Mason said...

Love your Christmas ornaments and your dogs they are gorgeous! xx