Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A little sad post

I don't why I feel the need to put this on here really.
But I know that some other fellow bloggers have gone through this recently.

Yesterday my parent in laws dog was put to sleep. He had been walking a little bit funny on his back leg so he was taken to the vets.
They said that it could just be a simple sprain or worst case something to do with his ligaments and he would need an operation. My in laws were fearing that part because he is a big Rotweiller and he is 2 weeks off his 8th birthday.
He was given a weeks worth of antibiotics and told to rest.
It wasn't getting better so they had to take him back for sedation so he could be xrayed and see what was happening.
Sadly they found that his leg was completely riddled with cancer and there was nothing they could do :(

My father in law had to make the decision not to go back and see him come round and just put him straight to sleep.
We are just utterly gutted. It was such a shock and not expected at all.
They got him just as L and I started going out together and then we bought Oliver who is only 3 months younger.
My parent in laws have looked after Oliver for us alot over the years and both him and their dog were the best of friends. They played for hours together and they knew each other so well, when the other wanted some space, sleep, play or just cuddles.

He was such an affectionate dog.
I know Rotweillers are known for being vicious creatures but I believe they are very sadly misjudged.
He wanted to cuddle you and be with you all the time. He was full of love and was an absolute darling with our children.
Even during all my pregnancies, all the jumping up and being boisterous stopped. He carried on with other people but left me alone and when I sat down, he would come and lay beside me or sit by my legs. He obviously knew and wanted to keep me safe.

So RIP Mr Benson.

We love you very much and miss you alot already.



Hana Mi said...

awww bless , he did sound like a lovely creature. May he be bounding about up there and no longer suffering xxx

jillytacy said...

Ooooh, hat's so sad! I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful dog!

Alex Mason said...

I'm so sorry about your parent in laws dog!! xxx

Camilla said...

Seems like there's going to be a whole bunch of doggies running around together in doggie heaven recently. I still really miss my cat that got run over (by a train no less!) 4 years ago- I think we need to grieve for pets in just he same way we do humans.