Friday, 14 November 2008

I have become addicted......

to the Whip Up blog.
This is not good for ones time.
I have spent hours trawling through the blog, clicking on links, looking at tutorials and generally getting far too many ideas and wanting lots of things.
God I love that website!
I found a little link to a tutorial for these little babies from Odd Dotty Dollymaker.
They are so cute I can tell you. So I made one last night.
I apologise for the dark photo but I had to take it very quickly this morning because M snatched it to take to school for show and tell!
They really are the cutest little things and sit right in the palm of your hand. Oooh I love em!
So today, well until lunch time as I'm going out for coffee, I will be making some more to go along with my other little project which I hope to finish tonight and show tomorrow.


odd dotty said...

Oh! She turned out great!! You have a lovely blog, and I am for sure coming back to see what else you craft up!!

Chloe said...

Oh thank you for coming to have a look!
I've been trying to find a flickr group to add it to.
I'm definately making some more for my daughters friends birthdays.

Miaou said...

Oh I love that!! I think I might have to have a go myself!

jillytacy said...

That is adorable! I can't wait to try making one!