Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another party gift

M has yet another party today, so this week I've been working on this present for the birthday girl.

This is a Molly Monkey pattern from mmm crafts (if you scroll down to the right hand side there is a clickable link for you you download the pattern).

I had to admit when I read the intructions and it said to leave openings in all the limbs and and body to stuff, I thought oh god what a nightmare. When I've made my dolls and other softies, I stick all the limbs in the body, sew round and just leave an opening in the head to stuff but I have to say doing it the mmm crafts way was much easier and sewing up the openings took just a few minutes. If I was doing it my way I would have spent more time swearing and cursing.

I'm very pleased with her. I hope the birthday girl is too!

And thank you mmm crafts for sharing your lovely pattern.


Alexis said...

She's lovely!

Cass said...

That is an interesting way to stuff it

calicodaisy said...

Cute little monkey!