Thursday, 15 May 2008

And I forgot, I have been tagged!

My little southern pal Hana has tagged me.
Its a page 161 meme. Basically you have to quote a sentance from page 161 of the book you are currently reading.
So at the moment I am reading a light hearted funny book called Can you keep a secret by Sophie Kinsella, which incidently Hana actually gave to me!
So here goes;
"As I walk along the corridors my stomach is churning, and I feel all prickly and self-concious, as though everyone in the building must know what I'm doing. Theres a lift waiting to go up, but I head for the stairs, firstly so I won't have to talk to anyone and secondly because my heart's beating so fast, I feel like I need to use up a bit of nervous energy."
Thats spoilt the whole story now.
Soooooo like all tags I have to choose someone else.
Katy your it!


Katy said...

oooh, great meme. And an easy one too (I like an easy one!!!)

Sounds like your holdiday was fab. I really need to get some sun and sand, but we're not going away until August - and then poor ginge will fry :(

Chloe said...

I picked you because I am intrigued as to what you may be reading!

The temperature in Majorca wasnt exactly scorching but we all still managed to burn and that was with factor 30!
Get him some UV suits. They are great.

tillyboo said...

Does the Racing Post count ??? :)

JuicyFig said...

I had to turn to page 161 of my book, I am not looking forward to that page now, it was quite boring! hehehe


Suzanne Vaughan said...

I have tagged you too now. See my blog.