Wednesday, 28 May 2008

And the winner is...............

Congratulations to Tintocktap (great name by the way).
You have won a little bag of goodies, well actually it will be a biggish bag really.
I used a random number generator which threw out number 12. I was going to save it to put a picture on here just to prove there was no funny business going on but my laptop decided it didnt like it, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
So Mrs TTT can you email me with your details at Meecrafts at googlemail dot com and I will post your prize out on Friday.
I can do it tomorrow because
Although why I'm celebrating being a year older I dont know.
But L is taking me shopping with the kids and then my parents will be babysitting so I can go and see Sex and The City.
Soooooooo excited about this film.
Anyway, have a lovely day everyone.


saraeden said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow !!
I hope you have a wonderful day x

Sara x

MamaBlogger said...

happy birthday! be sure to report back on sex and the city. i have plans to go with some girlfriends next week!

tintocktap said...

Woohoo - can't believe I won! Will email you in a minute. Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

Hells said...

Happy Birthday!!

Hana Mi said...

Hippy burpday , hope your enjoying it.

Have you got an outfit for tonights filmy?

Catch you soon


Katy said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!! Getting old, aren't you? (well, no - you're still a little whipper snapper)