Friday, 30 May 2008

New dolly

Meet the doll with no name.
She is a present for M's friend. This Sunday she is going to her Princess party and her mum informed me that like alot of 4 year old girls, her favourite colours are pink and purple.
Now at the time I was a bit short on fabric so I did a combination of pale blue with flowers and the same fabric for the arms but in pink. I had to add some kind of floaty skirt too and a crown. No princess would be complete without those 2 key items would they.
Yesterday was a lovely day too.
We took the kids to Preston Park at Stockton and took them round Butterfly world (really it was a mini Eden project and I swear I must have a lost a stone when I came out from all the sweating). I stupidly forgot the camera. I could have kicked myself because the colours in there were amazing. There was one particular butterfly which took a fancy to our pushchair, in its defense though its a tandem pushchair and its bright red and green (think christmas elves), but the colours on it were unbeliveable. Inside its wings was a bright aqua colour that seemed pearlesant. It followed us right around which was quite funny.
We then got to see a huge Python, a Chameleon, some hairy spiders and Meerkats.
After the kids had a run about outside in the glorious weather, we had lunch and then I did a bit of shopping.
Later L and I went to see Sex and the City.
L was mortifed as it was full of groups of women. I thought it was hilarious. He did say that it smelt nice in there though!
If you watched the series then you have to go and see this film and even if you didnt, you owe it to yourself to go and see it, although if you are offended by scenes of nudity, DONT GO!
I laughed, I cried and in one particular scene I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach, it was very odd but I guess it was the power of that scene.
Oh and the shoooooooooooes were to die for!
I am sure I felt myself dribbling slightly.


Hells said...

Yes princesses do indeed need crowns and floaty skirts (don't I just know it as the mother of a particularly picky princess and also a not so bothered really princess!!) She is a lovely dolly any little girl would be proud to have her.

Miaou said...

Oh that's just lovely Chloe! (peers closely) - how did you do her feet/shoes? Can't quite tell in the pic!

Chloe said...

She has little knitted bootees on but underneath she has big feet!

My nan knits the bootees.
She makes them for my children as slippers but made some tiny baby ones recently and I thought they would be perfect.

Katy said...

fab fab dolly!!!
I went to see satc last night, and I didn't watch the series, am not fan of SJP, but I really enjoyed it (despite loathing girly films as a rule). One of my (many) handbags was in the film too, so I was rather smugly proud :D

And I did shed a of the story lines was a bit too poignant for my liking, and I just couldn't help it!

Chloe said...

Oooh which handbag?!!!

Meridian Ariel said...

sounds like you had a great day out! We haven't been out to the cinema for ages, though I think M would object to seeing SATC whihc is strange really becuse he is the one that introduced me to it!

the doll is lovely and perfect for the perfect princess party!

Hana Mi said...

lovely post, that doll is fab, better not show cupcake !!!

Butterfly world sounds great, I didnt mange to get to Eden project , even though we stayed down the road, I was 7mths preggers and couldnt walk far :( !!Ive done that also and forgoten my camera, my mobile one just isnt the same!

ooohhhhh SATC , I cry every time I see the trailer now. Very emotional I was sitting in that,(although the cosmos we sneaked in may have added to it), tears flowed loads! I HAVE to see it again, Ive got a real thing about NYC, I get all choaked up. I got engaged there 11 yrs ago you see.

Those clothes and shoesssss, lol at you dribling!!!!Its those blue Manolos, those Laboutins , oohhhhh my its allllll of them. I wan, I wan, I wan !!!!

oohhh what bag was it Katy ? Im mad on bags me.

Just dont tell my spirit guides !!!!